Sudarshan Kriya saved me from clinical depression

Sudarshan Kriya Saved me from clinical depression

Few years ago, I suffered from clinical depression. The doctors had prescribed me anti-depressants. My family and friends were reluctant about my taking anti-depressants due to its side effects and addictive tendencies. It was at that time Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar showered His blessings on me!

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Love Beyond Infinity

There is a famous song, whose lyrics are “ When you meet the one that you’ve been waiting for And she’s everything that you want and more You look at her and you finally start to live for someone else And then you find yourself, yeah, thats when you find yourself.” I felt the same in 2008, but it wasn’t a boy or girl, it was my MASTER –

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Faith Can Move Mountains

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This is Leena Singh from Mumbai. I am a part-time model & actress. I did my first AOL course in January, 2007, & became a devotee soon after the course. I do the Kriya daily without fail, & I have done almost 16 advance courses with Guruji's Grace. The Sudarshan Kriya really helped me smoothly sail through the hardships of life. What Guruji did for me cannot be described in mere words. Recently one big miracle happened in my life, which really shocked me and made me realise the vastness of my Masters' Grace. My husband Rakesh, had once gone to a doctor for some hair treatment. Before starting the treatment, the doctor asked him if he has any health issue, or if there was anything that made him feel uncomfortable.

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Divine Dreams

Jai Gurudev to all, Four years back I had a severe viral attack. I was taking treatment but there was no improvement in my condition. To my utter dismay, the situation worsened to herpes attack. One of my facial nerve could not be diagnosed in time and this led to a facial paralysis attack. These were very tough times of my life. I had almost lost all hope of proper recovery. Because of late diagnosis, the neurologist believed that only 60-70% of the face could be restored back to its normal condition. Waves of depression had started to grip my mind.

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