He Is Listening

This story that I’m about to share, is still fresh out of the oven! It happened on the 6th of November, 2013.
On the 6th, at night, I realized that something was wrong with my car air-conditioner, and it was blowing warm air. But since it was a public holiday, the service center was shut so I could not get it repaired. The next morning, I had an official meeting to attend, at a place which was about 120 Km. away from my home, and I would have to drive the distance without the luxury of an air-conditioner, that too in that hot and steaming weather. The thought made me a bit worried, as I am not quite comfortable with travelling in the heat, and feel really unwell.

So I took the Guru’s name and set out. The early morning drive was pleasant. But by the time my work was done, it was already 1.30 pm, and the weather was extremely hot outside. It was scorching heat. I sat for lunch, with a feeling of restlessness in my heart, wondering how I was going to drive back the distance, which would take over an hour, without an air-conditioner.
As usual, every single thing in my life, be it good or bad, I share with Gurudev, so I did the same this time as well. I told Him, ” Guruji, please help me. I am really nervous about travelling in the sun, as it makes me feel very uneasy. I really wish for a pleasant weather all the way home, and hope that it won’t rain suddenly (As the weather is quite unpredictable at this time of the year)”. So with this little wish in my mind, and a feeling of surrender in my heart, I left from the venue, and sat in my car, hoping for the Divine Lord to be kind and gentle to me.

And guess what I saw? The sun had gone for a break. It was nowhere in sight! Yahoo! The burning sun had gone to hide behind the heavy clouds! It was just the perfect weather to drive with the windows rolled down. And the weather remained good throughout the journey, for the entire span of the 120 Km. drive back home. And what happened after that, proved to me, that this was truly a miracle of the Lord. Just as I was entering the porch of my house, it started to pour heavily. In fact, as I sat to pen down this miracle immediately upon reaching home, it still continued raining out there. I know that Guruji listens & responds to everything we share with HIM. The miracles of “Surrender “! This is just one example of the many miracles that Our Darling Guruji has blessed me with. Guruji! Oh Guruji! All that I could say is “I Love You! You are truly in me as me! Upon my father’s demise, I always thought that my dad left me. But NO. I was wrong, as he came back to me, to shower all the love, in the form of my Spiritual Father – My Darling Guruji!!!



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