Hope in the Heart

Jai Gurudev !!!

My name is Sachin, and I have been a part of the AOL family since a while now. I have done a Yes plus course, an Advance course; and I am very regular in doing my Sudarshan Kriya & Padma Sadhna.
This was a long while back, that I was not keeping well for quite some time, and had started feeling very weak. So, my concerned parents advised me to see a Doctor and get a few check-ups done.
I went to a very good Doctor, following which I completed my routine tests. But the results of the tests left me in a state of utter shock. My sugar was 300, which is way above the normal level. I was scandalised at learning this. I almost went blank for a few moments, as I was just in my 20’s then, and having this type of a problem at a very young age is extremely threatening. I was hoping that the test results may be wrong, but then the Doctor told me that the sugar problem is almost confirmed. He still wanted to double check the matter to be 101% sure, hence asked me to come for the proper test next morning.
With a heavy heart, I exited the clinic. As soon as I reached out, I called my AOL teacher and told her about this health issue. She blessed me over the phone. She told me to have Faith and go for the medical test the next day. She re-assured me that I am being taken care of, and that everything would become fine. I just needed to have complete Faith and sincere Prayer. I really felt much better after speaking to her. She reinforced my trust and belief in the Master and gave me a ray of hope to hang onto. I also messaged the AOL Ashirvad (Blessings) Group and requested them to bless me so that my health problem gets resolved.

Next day as I went to the Doctors’ clinic, there was only a humble Prayer in my heart. A cry to the Guru, that I may be fine. Then I underwent the test, as scheduled. And, you won’t believe what followed. It was a Miracle. My reports were normal. My sugar was below 100, which is very normal. I did not seem to understand how this had happened. Even the Doctor seemed puzzled. This, for me, was a Gift of my Masters unending Grace. My prayers were answered, my faith had deepened, my feeling of hope had risen multi-fold. The feeling of gratitude had taken over my being, and tears of gratefulness towards the Guru, rolled down my cheeks. The Doctor confirmed that I was perfectly ok, and on hearing this, there was no limit to my joy, my happiness. I could breathe a sigh of relief now!
I know that this whole episode was a MIRACLE of GURUJI. It was HIS blessing which came to my rescue.
‘Thank you’ is really a very small word in front of what the Guru has given me. I hope and pray that I can be an instrument of His Love and Grace, to the fullest of my capacity. I really thank GURUDEV for taking care of me. And I know for sure that when my Guru is with me, nothing wrong can happen to me.
Thank you Gurudev, for always being there!!!

Sachin Sachdeva.
Jai Gurudev!!! 🙂


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  • Satyam
    6 years ago

    Great one.
    Jai Gurudev 🙂

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