Grace-Filled Recovery


My family, including my parents and my sister, happened to visit Bangalore in early September of 2010. They were visiting the Bangalore Ashram for a Panchakarma treatment. Guruji was not there during that time.

In the meanwhile, it so happened that suddenly, my father was taken seriously ill, with what started as a common cold. It was a fever of unknown origin. He began losing his appetite and his temperatures started soaring to 104 degrees daily. We consulted a few Ashram doctors, and they gave him some preventive antibiotic treatment, suspecting it to be viral fever. But even after a week, he showed no signs of recovery and he started becoming listless day by day.

One of these days, while my mother was collecting some medicines from the Ashram clinic, a senior doctor who saw my father on the first day, insisted her to bring my father’s blood reports. He was not treating him at that time and there was no reason why he would ask for my father’s reports, apart from his kindness and the Guru’s grace. On seeing the reports he advised that my father should be admitted to a hospital, as his blood platelet count was low. So he was immediately admitted to Apollo hospital in Bangalore, on the same day. This was the beginning of a very long and trying journey for my family. We never imagined what all was in store for us.

Sri Sri on Problems in Life
Sri Sri on Problems in Life

Doctors were unable to diagnose my father’s illness. Many (and really many) tests were conducted but they yielded no conclusive results. Our main attending doctor suspected it to be viral fever and said that it cannot be treated by medicines, as the body has to recover itself. My father was on heavy preventive antibiotics, which ultimately damaged his lungs and liver. He developed lung and liver complications, had difficulty in breathing, and zero appetite. We were helplessly watching him deteriorate.
Having lost all faith, we invited a very good friend and an AOL teacher, to do Guru pooja in the hospital. As soon as the pooja was performed, the vibrations of the room changed, and we could feel the positivity. Next day, when the doctor was indicating that there were further complications in my father’s condition, my mother got a sudden intuition that we should try Ayurveda. We were never exposed to Ayurveda and had our reservations about its effectiveness. Nevertheless, we pursued the matter.

Help came in the form of Dr. Patanjali from the Ashram. His medicines worked miraculously. My father’s liver and lung functions improved dramatically over the next week. His platelet counts improved. Even the doctors were surprised at the sudden recovery. The Master’s grace was flowing through Dr. Patanjali. Also, during this time,Guruji happened to visit the Ashram, just for a day. It seemed like He had come to meet us only. I got the lovely opportunity to see Him in the Satsang hall, and as I entered the hall, I noticed Him looking straight at me. That was the moment when I knew that nothing could go wrong. His glance was enough to sail me through the rough day.

Finally, after 26 days, my father was discharged from the hospital. The Ayurveda treatment helped him recover in just 10 days. This entire turnaround of events further strengthened my faith in the Master. Faith is a blessing. Blessed are those who have it. It truly makes miracles happen. I will always be indebted to the love and kindness.

Jai Gurudev,


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  • somnath thakur
    7 years ago

    jai gurudev..
    amazing experience…..tears came down while reading….dont have words say anything…it strengthened my faith in the Master.

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