Love Beyond Infinity

There is a famous song, whose lyrics are “ When you meet the one that you’ve been waiting for
And she’s everything that you want and more
You look at her and you finally start to live for someone else
And then you find yourself, yeah, thats when you find yourself.”
I felt the same in 2008, but it wasn’t a boy or girl, it was my MASTER – OUR MASTER. And life has been nothing less than a celebration since then. I am a single child who was brought up by a single parent for the majority of my life, not to mention I have always been the princess of my household. However in the year of 2007, my father fell seriously ill and had to be on dialysis. The only thing that could save him was an organ transplant, but in a country like India, with lakhs of people on the waiting list and very few donations the hope was very little. So what followed for the next 4 years or so was endless visits to the hospitals, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the dead of the night, sometimes without the surety of my father’s life and at other times finding hope in the most unexpected of places. In these years SEVA, SATSANG AND SADHANA were my strengths. There were times I would breakdown, but it was always on the periphery, there was something that never changed in my core and at that time I never quite knew what that was.
 I wrote mails to Guruji, but sometimes used to wonder, how will someone who is working so hard for the whole world get the time to read my personal problem. I was in the midst of attending a second Upanayan program in Mumbai when my father one day came from the office and looked straight into my eyes and said, “ I want you to get married soon. I just spoke to the doctor and my condition is not getting any better. My heart is getting weaker day by day and I don’t think I will live beyond this year. I am not sure you will be able to take care of yourself without anyone taking care of you. So please get married so that I can die peacefully.” When I heard this, I was absolutely shattered. My father,who I saw as my hero was losing his battle and I could do nothing about it. I however kept my composure and did not say much, even though I wanted to tell him that he need not worry since I have Guruji.
I completely surrendered to Guruji, if my father had to die so be it, if he had to live so be it but I did not want my poor father to suffer. Since I was in the midst of Upanayan, I continued going to the course to perform my Sandhya and Agnikarya. In the Upanayan it is said that you get a re-birth, devoid of your past karmas. So with a heart full of love and gratitude I performed the beautiful process of Sandhya and Agnikarya in the beautiful premises of Gagangiri Ashram in South Mumbai. As I came back home, we got a call from the hospital asking my dad to reach soon as there was someone who died and there could be a possibility of his kidney matching my father’s. My father left from work and reached the hospital. What transpired in the next few hours was not a miracle, but a proof that his loves for us goes beyond time and spaces and lifetimes. All arrangements were taken care of at the hospital. The finances and tiresome paperwork got done effortlessly. The kidney perfectly matched my father’s. The deceased’s family were very supportive and even considered my father as his own family member. At late night my father was taken inside the operation theatre. And that night in the corridor of a cold and sterile hospital room I felt my MASTER all around me and inside me.
 The operation was successful and now my father is a much happier and healthy person. He will get to live for many many years now. The costs were all taken care of by his office. My father got a second life and I once again was saved by my MASTER. Do remember, that since I am very shy, I had never uttered a word about my father’s illness to Him. Yet He knew. So, to all those reading this, I would just like to say that life might get upsetting sometimes but always remember that HE WILL ALWAYS TAKE CARE. No line in the hand or planetary position can affect you if you have the MASTER. He moves around taking care of people in war-torn Syria, riot-hit Baltimore and terror-stricken Paris but he will still take care of you. Don’t try to comprehend His love, because it is beyond this universe. Don’t find your happiness in a job, in a husband, in a wife, in shopping because what you have been looking for is inside you. Your Guru is inside you. Just be honest in your heart and do as he says. OUR LIFE IS A BLESSING, LET US CELEBRATE IT.

Jai Gurudev!




  • akki
    5 years ago

    Awesum life experience! Brought tears to my eyes! We are sooo blessed to have Guruji in our lives!

  • Diksha Juneja
    5 years ago

    Thank you for such a wonderful learning. This would surely help me in having more faith in My Guru and myself. 🙂

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