Who’s Sri Sri

Many of us have so many unanswered questions about so many things. What is life? Why am I born? Is true love a true concept? Where do I look for happiness? How can I be successful? And most importantly, who is God? At every point in life we are faced by hurdles and obstacles and generally that is when we rely on some superpower to come to our rescue. We tend to forget and be grateful for all the blessings we have already received.

So, amidst this monotony of life and its routines, where does Art of Living, a foundation started by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar fit? Guruji, as we lovingly call him, started this foundation with the aim of creating a violent-free, stress-free society. What is it about him that draws all his followers more and more? Maybe it is his grace and divinity, the aura of love around him, his mischievous smile or just the way he looks at you, the look that says ‘do not worry, you are blessed’.

For anyone who has not done a course, it might not be the answer or solution to all your problems and troubles but it is certainly a hope, a hope that someday you will learn to cope up with these problems with a smile on the face, knowing that no matter what happens, that superpower in the form of a Guru is there to guide you and take care of you. This will most certainly be the experience of any devotee.

Just the thought that HE is there is enough to save the day. There is a reason why so many miracles happen, and that reason is deep devotion and belief that ‘I am taken care of’. We rely on different forms of faith such as Gods, different philosophies, singing bhajans, various religions etc. Art of Living Accepts all and moves towards the common goal which is Of the Seeker.

The dream he shares with all of us is that there are no divisions. Everyone belongs to one another. Can you imagine living in a world without boundaries? Boundaries separate us; keep us inside a fence of our own. We realize now that Sri Sri is the hope that one day these boundaries and barriers will be broken so that we can live in unity and gratitude. With this vision he founded ‘Art of Living’ which has influenced millions of people in over 150 countries.

SriSriMiracles is just one of the many platforms for more and more people to discover, understand and believe in the power of love, happiness and as the name suggests, MIRACLES. Everyone wants to magically make their life better, easier but the problem is no one really believes in magic today.Sri Sri makes you realise that your problems are not big as imagine and the knowledge works as a Magic Potion. He is making us the Magician of Our life through his teachings. We just want to tell the world that magic exists for us in the form of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, his teachings, his love and Art of Living and if we are able to successfully give more people the power of his magic and pass his message, then we have probably achieved a tiny bit of the magic himself.


  • Manoj Kr. Bhusal
    7 years ago

    Nothing to say, just want to thank Guruji because from the day I have followed him I feel good and blessed, not only me even my family feels that. I still don't have that complete bliss maybe of the fact that I have not done any course because of my busy schedule but still trying to do one during summer break if possible and longing to meet Guruji in person. There is something in Him which I cannot describe in words, before I use to believe in tawiz, pendants, good luck charms, stones etc., but now I feel only Guruji's name is enough. Isn't this miracle, JAI GURUDEV.

  • sulochana
    7 years ago

    Guruji Please help me………….

  • Harish
    7 years ago

    Jai GuruDev !

    I know You are always there with(in) me to Take Care of ME…for EVER!!!

  • deepak makhija
    7 years ago

    i feel so secure, so loved and blessed .. cant describe it… words will not be enough to say thanks to him…

  • Shuchi
    7 years ago

    love u guruji… Thank you for being you…. and THANK you for being with ME ALWAYS….!! unable express my love for you through words… looooooooove u… 🙂

  • Ashu Awasthi
    7 years ago

    गुरुदेव जी दर्शन दीजिये

  • sevak???
    6 years ago

    i knew nothing except thinking of you guruji. sometimes I cry out what is my work? I don't even know why I am still existing on this planet. I couldn't stay with you or I am not working for you. I just dream of huge things but I do nothing. I feel to hearfrom you .I feel you would order me some of your work but nothing happened. I don't even know what I can do. i don't even know who is my guru? lot of confusions and going on. i don't even know what to ask you. iam truly helpless and knew nothing but feel very great within and that too i cannot understand why—-? you gave everything nothing to ask for , it is already there. you consider my every prayer but when would you call me into you?? longing to be part of you ,and i don't know what is needed and how much intense it should be i think iam to my complete extent,totally.is it not guruji??? i knew nothing about karma ,i only know to call andcry for you. i don't know showing gratitude or anything ,know only to cry for you and i don't even wish to exist at all ,it seems then i can reach you,is it so .please answer me guruji,please—

  • Rabindra Kr singh
    6 years ago

    Guruji is an embodiment of infinity. He may be physically present anywhere but spiritually he is connected with every one. His knowledge talks are road maps for happy walk in the world full of opposites.Sometime it appear ,he is not with us, or i might lost space in him but he never let this period stretch longer, somehow he assure and communicate clearly that "I belong to u", I came for u. Never waste your energy in these thoughts, just rejoice in the knowledge.

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