My Shield

It was about 10 years back that I did my first Art of Living Course. Meanwhile, I had been facing several problems in my personal life, especially on the health front, which was one of my main motives to do this course, which I had already heard so much praise about. No doubt, the course lived up to every bit of my expectations, and I had a truly wonderful experience, mainly while learning the ever so powerful technique called the Sudarshan Kriya!

Then suddenly one day, my health issue started resurfacing. My legs got almost frozen and I could barely manage to drag my feet. I was taken to the Doctor, as I had a history of nervous breakdowns. On completing the test procedures, I was diagnosed with Disc Prolapse at c5 c6. This news had taken me by complete shock, I was slowly slipping into depression, thinking about who would take care of my small little daughter. The only hope I had at that time was Grace. I quickly rang up my Art of Living teacher, and he gave me the number of the Bangalore Ashram. I then called in there but was informed that Gurudev was out of the country at the time. I felt miserable. I then explained my situation to the volunteer who had received my call. He advised me to do the Sudarshan Kriya while lying down itself (as I was totally bed ridden by that time). He also told me to pray to Gurudev for help. I did the same. I was still very scared of getting operated, but there was no other way out.

That night, in my dream, I saw Guruji. I saw Him lying down on a stretcher, with a bandage on His neck, and He was smiling. When I awoke, I was infused with unexplainable, magical confidence! I told my husband that I was ready for the operation. That dream was a Miracle. It gave me the belief that my Master is there with me, not just by my side, but in my place, on the stretcher, to take away all my fear and pain. Now, nothing could go wrong.

And my faith worked. The operation was successful. Everything went off very smoothly. I was back on my feet within 25 days. It was a big thing!

Though I was not in direct contact with Him, He was there inside me, every second. He bore all my pain, not letting it touch me. He was my shield through this rough sea of sorrow. I know it was HE who took away all my tension, all my pain and came inside me to bear it all.

Thank you for being my pillar of strength, Gurudev:)

Anju Sharma



  • Jana Mithran
    6 years ago

    Jai Gurudev!

  • akki
    6 years ago

    Amazing….Guruji is always by our side…jgd..

  • shobha
    6 years ago

    such a beautiful story! Jai Gurudev! Thanks for renewing my faith in HIM.
    Lots and lots of love

  • Satyam
    6 years ago

    Gurudev prosper you healthily.
    Jai Gurudev. đŸ™‚

  • 5 years ago

    Bless me guruji..

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