My mother stays in Bangalore and she is seventy years old. She is highly diabetic. She had gone to Bangalore Ashram (International Art of Living Center in India) to serve the cows on 20th August. On their way to the Gaushala (Cow shelter), my sister in law was excited to see a deer in Radha Kunj (beautiful garden in the Ashram en route the cow shelter) and in that excitement, she lost her focus and hit the car to the tree.

Radha Kunj
Radha Kunj

My mother hit her head on roof of the car and fell between the front and back seats.
There was swelling on her head and very dark red patches caused dueto blood clots on different parts of the body. Volunteers who were there handled the situation very well. My mother is very impressed with them. Just then Sri Sri was passing by and He stopped the car seeing an accident. He kept his hand on my mother’s head and said every thing will be alright. They spoke in the Kannada language.
In spite of this, my mother and sister in law still went to the Goushala. Guruji also blessed them and saw to it that a cab was arranged for them to return home safely. After coming home, she went to family doctor and the doctor said that there was nothing to worry about but since the patches were very hard, they would take 3 months to get cleared.
My mom visited me in Hyderabad (city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh), where I stay to celebrate the festival of Janmashtami (birth of Lord Krishna). It was very painful for me to see such dark red patches on her body. However, she was happily narrating her meeting with Guruji and did not show much interest to talk about accident.
We performed the Guru Pooja and celebrated Krishna Janmashtami. On 29th Aug, the patches were still dark. The very next day, on 30th Aug, there were no patches at all on her body! The skin was very clear and normal. The pain in the head had also vanished. Sri Sri can do anything. We are very grateful to our Guruji for giving us an opportunity to serve the society. He loves us alot!
Jai Guru Dev,
K R Lalita Barhadath



  • Ravi sharma
    10 years ago

    Jai gurudev

  • Geethabai
    10 years ago

    JaiGuruDev…All happenings in our life is to know who we are.

  • minal
    8 years ago


  • Kishan
    8 years ago

    Jai gurudev…blessed we are that he is there to take care of us

  • Neelam chopra
    8 years ago

    He can do any thing , we are blessed to have a master like him .

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