Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

It's Saturday night and I'm getting ready to see Sri Sri tomorrow. I just took a hot bath and I'm ready for bed when the phone rings. I assume it's someone from Los Angeles wanting a ride up North to a course, or my daughter calling to make sure I'm still alive. I answer the phone and someone on the other line says: "Dvorahji? Guruji wants to talk to you?" "Me???" I chirp. "Why would He want to talk to me?" Then I suddenly hear laughter: "Dvorah!! How are you?" It's Guruji. I'm speechless but my "brain" kicks in. "Hi Guruji. You're calling Me????"

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Faith Can Solve All Doubts

Sri Sri

My name is Deepa Singh and I am a Yoga teacher. I stay in Mumbai. I have been into Art of Living for the past ten years and life has been a blissful journey since. However, there is only one sad feeling that kept bothering me, which was that I have never gotten to meet my Guru face to face and talk to him. In all these years, I was only able to have eye contact with Him, as there are always so many devotee’s waiting to take his blessings. I always complained to myself, that when will I get to talk to Him properly. A part of me kept thinking, if I don’t meet Him, will He even know me? Then one day, a relative of mine had come home and he told me that he had managed to get a meeting with Gurudev. He had sent an email to Him because he needed to talk about some important personal matters, and he got an appointment to meet Guruji in the Bangalore Ashram. While I was very happy for him, this made me even sadder.

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