How Art of Living Turned My Life into a Positive Celebration

Every time I complete any Art of living program, starting from my first ever experience with Sudarshan Kriya to doing an advance course , the beautiful blessings program , Shakti kriya, TTC, to Samyama , I am reborn!

The old me dies and I come up as a completely new person with a bright glow, a fresh mind, and a memory free from the grip of and bitterness or guilt of past events.

In fact, my life has become so positive now that it’s hard to relate to who I was as a person in my past, just a few years ago. I was extremely short-tempered. I don’t even remember how many glasses, remotes controls, and cordless phones I have thrown and broken.

I was emotionally imbalanced and would have possibly ended my life due to depression if Sudarshan Kriya and Sri Sri hadn’t come in my life, which found meaning after I did the Art of Living programs.

I am a fashion designer and have hosted several fashion shows and exhibitions. I loved my profession and used to work passionately for it in terms of being creative, designing the best outfits, putting efforts to get every thing right for the model. However, all of this felt great from the surface but I knew deep down I was missing something. I was missing being content and happy with my life. How ironic because I made people look beautiful through my outfits before I realized that’s all it was, just and “out” fit.

The moment this realization dawned on me, I decided to become and Art of Living teacher to design and transform people’s lives from the inside. What you wear on the outside is nothing compared to the smile, enthusiasm, and bubbling energy of love you  carry within yourself.

It has been 18 years for me now and I feel absolutely blessed and grateful that my existence could become an instrument of my Master’s vision of a stress free and violence free society, bringing that undying smile on every face.

As Gurudev has often said, just because a room has been dark for 20 years does not mean it will take many years for it to have light. To get liberated, just this one incredibly lucky life with a living Guru is enough.

I wish more and more people realize this and live to the fullest.

Jai Gurudev

Pranali Ambarish


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