Eye Opener !!!!

The following is a miraculous experience shared by Capt Brij Paul Singh an Art of Living teacher.

This is another miracle of Gurudevs Kripa (Grace). Let me tell this wonderful story right from the beginning – Just before I was to board my plane at Bangalore airport after the Silver Jubilee celebration and was about to switch off my cell phone, it buzzed and Manjit (our Divine teacher from Vancouver ) was on line from Guruma Shanthima’s Ashram near Chennai. She was excited and told me that Ma wants to meet Poojya Gurudev and her Sri Shirdi Sai Darshan Ashram can be used for Art of Living courses. I told her that we shall discuss this matter with our Dear Gurudev in Rishikesh as HE was too busy in the silver jubilee engagements. We discussed the matter with Poojya Gurudev in Rishikesh and eventually after seeking his blessings, I was in Ma’s ashram to start a Part I course for her devotees which she also joined and like any other participants, she too put her 100%.

As usual, on the second day was the first Sudarshan Kriya where everyone had wonderful experiences. However the most amazing thing happened when I asked the participants to slowly open their eyes. While others were coming out of their life time heavenly experience, Ma also slowly opened her eyes. As she as she opened her eyes, out of sheer excitement she starting saying, “Oh! I can see! Oh! I can see!” and I noticed her left hand was covering her left eye. All her devotees rushed towards her and in joy they couldn’t believe all this. Well, initially I couldn’t understand what was going on. However soon I came to know from Ma and other devotees that for almost three years, Ma could not see anything from her right eye because of a retinal detachment condition.

I was speechless and was full of gratitude. An ecstasy of joy was among all the devotees and they started calling others devotees of Ma all over the world and this made the ashram telephone lines jam packed. Next day Ma told me “Beta, at night I got up and keeping my left eye covered I walked the whole ashram.” On 31st March, the day after the course got over, was Ma’s birthday and she told me that Gurudev had already given her the most precious gift.

On 1st April Ma and Krishan Pada (A very close devotee from California now an Ashramite in Ma’s ashram) were in Bangalore ashram to meet our Poojya Gurudev. The first thing Ma told Gurudev was, “So you wanted me to see you with both my eyes and your kripa cured my right eye with which I couldn’t see a thing for last almost three years.” Krishan Pada expressed her gratitude by telling dear Gurudev that first time he had seen his Guruma receiving something as great as her eyesight, otherwise he had seen her always giving to others. Ma told her experience to the Guru Pooja course participants and then again in the evening Satsang. She had wonderful time in our ashram and discussed with Poojya Gurudev to start AOL courses in her ashram for which HE blessed her to go ahead.

And before we left I shared with our dear Gurudev, a line from Jap Ji Sahib, “Dehnda Dey Lehnda thak pai ” which means, “The Giver (Satguru) continues giving (but) the recipients grow weary of receiving (First Prayer of Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji).” With gratitude to our ever so generous Master, Jai Gurudev.

-Amit Deshpande


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