Nothing Can Be Lost When the Master Is Found

It was a regular morning for me; I got ready and left for college to finish my work quickly, so that I could go to Ashram, as Gurudev was in Bangalore. I finished my work, unexpectedly very fast.
Happy with myself I decided to rush to the Ashram and having a bike of your own is the best possible thing at such a time, But I was then reminded of the previous night when my friend borrowed my Wego and while parking it back, she accidentally broke the key.
For couple of minutes I was completely clueless as to how I would start my bike as I had already lost the original key 2-3 months back and this one was the only key I had. Then to make my state of mind better, I imagined the presence of Gurudev and started singing the bhajan ‘Om Namo Bhagvate’.

After few minutes I realised that I was back to the college gate (I had no idea why or how did I reach there), and then I saw my batch-mates standing there. So I went to them and asked if anyone knew any key-maker nearby and narrated the whole story; but surprisingly the whole time, I was only looking at one particular girl while talking and she was not even a friend of mine.
She asked me- “Do you want it for a bike?” I said “Yes!” Then she said, “Wait
let me check, I think I have a key, hopefully in the same bag. I found it long time back, just sees if it’s yours”.

Turns out, that was my long lost original key, which that girl happened to keep, thinking she might find its owner and return it someday!
The essence of this entire episode was that I bumped into the same girl who had my keys standing exactly at the college gate, and she happened to carry the same bag which she had on the day she found my key
And then I realized – “Nothing can be lost in my life when I have found my Master.”




  • Narendra Shah
    7 years ago

    excellent, i also keep great faith in GURUJI, can we keep his photo under pilow while sleeping for Good Health?

  • Farrah
    7 years ago

    wow!!! 😀
    Truly Grateful

  • Monica
    7 years ago

    Awesome lost and found it is, indeed!! 🙂

  • rupam
    7 years ago

    No need 2 keep His pic under pillow.,, keep Him in ur heart…dts enough..:):)
    Jai Gurudev!

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