Just In Time

This is my first ever Guru story, and I am truly grateful to Gurudev for giving me this beautiful experience.
I had to appear for an exam, on clearing which, I would qualify for a government job for which I had recently applied. So I booked my train tickets in order to reach the examination hall, keeping an adequate factor of safety time, as I knew that the trains may be running late due to winters. I also checked and found out that the trains had not been late for more than 1-2 hours in the past 1 week, and the weather outside was also good, so I was certain that I would easily reach my center in time. Before leaving my room, I took blessings from Gurudev, and also requested online blessings from AOL blessers.
Later while in the train, I slept off, as it was an overnight journey. I was supposed to reach Delhi at 4 am, but as I woke up at 3:30 am, I found that the train was running more than 4 hours behind schedule. I was terrified on learning this, as this exam was really important for me. Come-what-may, I had to appear for it. I thought of what I could do now. All the other modes of transport such as buses and even other trains were running late, which meant that I had no other alternative way of reaching the center. In such time of utter despair, I prayed to Sri Sri for His blessings, and asked Him to help me out through this crucial time. After that, a sense of confidence emerged in me, and I decided to wait and see if I would reach Delhi before 8 am, as my exam was at 9:30 am.

Time passed by. At 8 am, I was in Ghaziabad and the train was badly late, so I decided to hire a private auto, as I remembered Gurudev always asks us to take responsibility. With the help of the auto, I could reach the examination center at 10:30am, 1 hour late for the exam. The admit card read “Late comers are strictly not allowed”, but I decided to give it a try, powered by Gurudev’s blessings.
To my surprise, after an initial no, they finally allowed me in and gave me permission to appear for the paper. I knew that I had lesser time to write the paper as compared to the others. Yet I continued writing with full enthusiasm, and when it was only 15 minutes left for the exam time to end as per the admit card, it was announced – “Last 1 hour remaining.” I could not believe my ears. That was the moment I was totally overwhelmed by His Grace and somewhere deep I knew that this was possible only because of Gurudevs’ Blessings. Somehow, mysteriously, the paper had started late at that particular center only. And thus I was able to not only appear for my paper, but also complete it on time, in spite of being late. I was truly very happy and grateful for this.
Gurudev dearly loves His disciples and always comes to take care of them. The thing that is needed on our part is to take responsibility. Had I not tried to reach the center, I would have never tasted the sweet nectar of Gurudev’s love and blessings. I am now keenly waiting to meet the Master as soon as possible.
Amit Uniyal


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  • Satyam
    8 years ago

    Amazing 🙂

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