How my Life Found True Meaning After my First Art of Living Course

At the age of 44, I happened to be an unfortunate victim of a deadly disease, Leukemia. Its treatment with modern day medicines had made me a 90% dead man. I had become extremely weak, physically as well as mentally, and was also undergoing a great amount of depression due to my situation. Doctors were of the opinion that even after treatment, I wouldn’t live long. My life was truly miserable. I was living the life of a scared, feeble, fragile and helpless person, knowing that I would die soon. The attachment towards my parents, wife & my lovely two kids, and the thought that I was going to lose them in a few days haunted me every second.

One of those days, a close relative of mine along with a few friends invited me to do the Art of Living basic course. This proved to be the starting point of a truly magical phase in my life. Sri Sri’s work really opened up a new door to my life, a door of hope, a door of peace, a door of strength.

I regularly practiced my sadhana and Sudarshan Kriya, which I learned in the course. It was healing me. It was helping me progress towards good health. To the surprise of my doctors, I started responding very well to their medicines. My health was showing extremely positive signs of a speedy and successful recovery. My blood counts had become normal. I was very hopeful at this stage, seeing the positive effects of the Sudarshan Kriya in my life.

One particular night, Guruji appeared in my dream and in a soothing voice told me “You are alright now.” This was truly magical. I had never experienced something so powerful, yet so peaceful, ever before. This dream, which felt like reality, really boosted my confidence, and it also reassured me that I am being taken care of.

Soon after that, I did the Part 2 Course in my village itself. I then proceeded to the Ashram to do another Part 2 Course with the hope that I could meet Sri Sri in person there. Luckily, I got to meet him really well. He spoke to me as though He knew everything about me. He then asked me to share my experience with the video team there.

The best part of my meeting with the Master was that, Guruji had the same look, same clothes, same voice, same appearance as He had in my dream. I just could not believe that all that was happening with me was actually a reality. It seemed more like a fairytale.

And I happily continued my fruitful journey with the Art of Living. I did the DSN, Sahaj Samadhi meditation, Sri Sri Yoga, Gurupooja course, and finally the TTC (Teachers Training Course). I am 56 now, happily organising and teaching Basic as well as Gurupooja courses every now and then.

Thank you, Gurudev, for turning my life into heaven from hell. Living has truly become a celebration for me, all thanks to YOU.

I hope and pray that miracles happen to all those who read this, just like they happened to me.

Jai Guru Dev




  • Gopalkrishna
    3 years ago

    It’s true after doing sundarsan kriya life takes 360degree angle which makes life to grow

  • Jayashri Parthasarathy
    3 years ago

    Thank you Gurudev for all the positive changes you brought in my life

  • Manju
    3 years ago

    Everyday his grace is flowing in my life.. Miracles happening every day.. thank you Guruji…

  • Leela
    2 years ago

    Thats so nice to wish miracle to happen to all those who read

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