The Power of Surrender

Gurudev always says the Divine is dwelling inside you and He takes care of you. I decided to test this phenomena in an experiential way.

I started practicing surrendering each and every activity of my life to the Inner Divine for continuously 41 days to make it as a habit. In the morning before starting Sadhana, I would surrender that whatever action or activity I do today will be because of Divine will and it is all His action only, I am just witnessing His action. Ever since I dropped and surrendered my entire life to the Divine, I was able to go deep in my meditation. The entire feeling of reverence is very difficult to explain in words.

In the beginning, I doubted if this surrender will prevent me from carrying out my everyday responsibilities. However, I just kept moving forward with the knowledge that a Karma Yogi has to work without attachment, surrendering to the Divine will and wherever necessary using our own intelligence also.

Days turned into weeks, I started taking up bigger social as well as business projects. Every endeavour started progressing by leaps and bounds. There were indeed a lot of twists and turns along the way but every experience made me stronger and wiser. I felt as if everything was moving at an unimaginable pace.

It has been more than three months now & I am still experiencing how The Divine supports us when we surrender our mind and all our activities to Him. One needs to be firm on this path of faith and trust their experiences. It is not easy but it is definitely something every Sadhak should aim for in their lives.

Jai Gurudev
– Ramakrishnan


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