The Passport for my Journey on this Planet

When Gurudev was in Denver, I took a last-minute trip to meet him. I loved the entire event and I was extremely grateful that I got this opportunity to be with Him. The key event of America Meditates – the meditation led by Gurudev himself, ended at 8 pm and I had a flight to board by 9.50 pm. Like any other Art of Living super devotee, I had no doubt that I was going to take that flight home that night.

My caring roommate dropped me to a suitable place to take Uber, at a convenient place away from the venue. However, Murphy’s law was super strong that day. It all started with the Uber pool ride I took which made the driver go back to the venue increasing the ETA by a huge margin. After dropping the fellow passengers (who were an amazing company) we finally reached the freeway. To our dismay, the freeway was showing a detour. My kind driver said he will end his ride for the day so that Uber does not add more passengers en route. At this point, I was getting tiny panic attacks.

At 9.08 pm he managed to drop me at Denver Airport after taking a detour and another freeway. I reached the security checkpoint and it was shut for the day. I ran to the other end of the airport and it was 9.20 pm – My flight was boarding people! Thanks to the closure of the security check, the line was exceptionally long. This slightly increased panic attacks but yes, I have a Guruji! (Like the Avengers have their Hulk ;)).

I saw a couple of friends who asked me to skip the line to reach them ahead, I in my all noble self (I have no idea why), denied the offer. They went ahead! I started conversing with my fellow travellers around, they started giving me suggestions as to how I can reduce time. By 9.35 pm I walked past the security…and the personnel kept my bag aside. Wow! Murphy’s law was playing in my mind “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong!”. This feeling, however, was weak compared to the other thought playing in my mind strongly “I have a Guruji!”.

I waited anxiously for them to check my bag. The personnel asked me about some food I had in my bag. I replied, “Please throw it away if you must, else I will miss my flight!” She insisted on doing some litmus test and then gave me my stuff. The time was 9.41 pm at this point. The boarding gate was to shut at 9.50 pm. Huffing and panting I reached the airport train; I met my friends again. “I think the flight’s going to go without me!” I told them. They, being the same super devotees like me, assured me that I will make it!

I whizzed past the escalator, to gate A30 only to find that they had changed the gate to A60 !! I was continuously talking to Guruji while running! I am pretty sure people around thought I was crazy. I managed to reach A60 at 9.52 pm. The flight was waiting. Of course, it was!

I felt the glance of half a dozen people as I sheepishly walked to my seat in the rear end. I messaged my family and concerned friends that I successfully got in. I chatted with my fellow passenger. I heard two complete songs, ate an apple and yet the flight was not moving. At this moment I felt the need to check my bag for my passport – 20 mins after I boarded the flight. My Passport Was Missing! In panic mode, I asked the flight attendant for help. He told me to check my carry-on bag. He told me I could go till A60 to check for the same. I reached the front end of the flight; the other flight attendant would just not let me deboard. After a long 5-minute discussion with the 4 flight crew members, the pilot chimed in. “You can deboard me!” I told them. I felt I was better off in Denver with a passport than without one in Seattle. My mental conversation with Gurudev was in full force at this point. Suddenly lo behold, a ground staff walked into the flight with my passport, in its case! Extremely overwhelmed with gratitude I walked to my seat. All that while my whole plane thought I was the reason the flight got late. I told some folks it wasn’t. The real reason it was late was that it was not getting clearance to fly for the past 30 whole minutes.

As I shut my eyes when the tyres of the plane whirred for take-off, I knew I perhaps was the reason the flight got delayed. The magician in my life was just having some fun! A tiny tear of joy moistened my face as we flew back to Seattle. What can I say? He is the passport for my journey on this planet.

– Barathi Krishnamurthy



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    Thanks for sharing. Amazing it is. Indeed our passport

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