My most memorable meeting with Sri Sri.

SURRENDERSHIP- the essence of spirituality.I did my first course in 2012 in Chicago. Since then I had the urge of meeting Sri Sri. To my surprise my Art of Living teacher gave us the news that Guruji will be visiting Chicago for the NONVIO tour. I was overjoyed after I heard this news and now I had the desire to sing for our beloved Guruji, but was afraid if I would be given a chance to do so. But none the less I decided to try my luck and requested my AOL family if I could sing at the convention. But I didn’t get a confirmation to sing for 2 months and my desire to sing was only increasing so now instead of worrying I did what is best to do and it always works, I SURRENDERED TO GURUJI. I told Him “I want to sing for you, now u take care of it”. As soon as I surrendered I got a green signal to sing at the convention the following day itself.

This was not it; there were many more surprises for me. I was informed that we could stay at the same hotel where Guruji would stay and in addition to it we would even be given a blissful opportunity to meet Him in His own private room. I was completely taken aback when I realized all our prayers, be it the smallest prayer get answered at the right time and when it is needed .Then every single moment I used to only plan that when I would meet Guruji what would I talk to Him, what I would tell Him. But then, I thought of my two little children as they sleep very early and I could not leave them alone in the hotel room and go and meet Guruji at night. Again, my mind started to worry. Suddenly then, I got a thought that I don’t have to worry about anything, everything is taken care off and everything will be perfect, so I booked my hotel room.

The day I reached the hotel, we were called for microphone testing and practice with the musicians and there I was given one more delightful news that we will be seated on the stage just a few feet away from Guruji. I couldn’t believe my luck. When I returned to my room my husband came in with a stunned look on his face and said, guess what? I think Guruji is right next door to us, I said it couldn’t be, I opened my room and saw all the people waiting out For Guruji. I had tears in my eyes, I could not believe it that Guruji was right there. I couldn’t believe HIS grace.

Gayatri with Sri Sri at the Conference
Gayatri with Sri Sri at the Conference

Then the time came to sing at the conference and I sang only having Him in my mind and my heart. It was beautiful, We stood right behind Him and our picture was taken. Then we were given a chance to talk to Him, I was so shaken I dint know what to say, I wanted to say I Love You Guruji, thank you for always being there, but nothing came out of my mouth, the only thing that came out was “Hi Guruji”, he turned and looked at me, smiled in a mischievous way and said “Hi”. At night we went to Guruji’s room and met Him. He was giving sweets to everyone,then suddenly He called my husband from a corner(where my husband was standing) and gave him sweets. I really had no words to express how happy I was. The next day, I took my children to meet Guruji, He hugged both of them and gave blessings to us.

Guruji takes care of everything just SURRENDER all your problems to Him and He will sail you through.
Gayatri Patel



    7 years ago

    Jai Gurudev…such power in SURRENDER…!!!

  • Satyam
    7 years ago

    Surrendership relation to The Master.
    Jai Gurudev 🙂

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