A Moment with Gurudev

Ten years ago, I attended a Satsang at Vishalakshi Mantap (Central Dome of the Art of Living International Center Bengaluru). It was my fourth week at the Ashram and I did my YesPlus Advance Course, Blessing Course and Gurupuja Phase I. I did my sadhana, meditation, chanting and seva. I even had the chance to meet Gurudev together with the YesPlus International Group. But yet, I was restless.

That evening at Vishalakshi Mantap, Gurudev was entering the hall and a crowd was drawn towards him. Somehow, I managed to squeeze into the crowd near the entrance. Gurudev walked past me. People were all around me.

Gurudev ignored me again, I thought. Then I panicked.

“Guruji!” I called out with hope.

Gurudev gave a start and stopped in his tracks.

Slowly, He turned around.

He searched the crowd with His eyes and stopped when He saw me.

Time stood still. His presence drowned out the crowd.

Slowly, He broke into a happy smile.

I can’t remember now whether I returned His smile.

Then, Gurudev turned around and resumed walking towards the stage.

I became aware of the noise and crowd surrounding me.

That moment of connection was just what I needed.

Hoe Zheng Yi


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