Bangalore ashram

The Divine Gift

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Smiling

I had a beautiful experience during Mahashivratri 2020 at Bangalore Ashram! I was having a very rough time in my personal life and was even losing faith in Art of Living, even though I have been associated since 2013.

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Sri Sri made it happen

The story dates back to 2013. Not much time had passed, since I joined Art of Living. But, a short span of time had instilled an indelible faith. It took me no time to know that Gurudeva loves us immensely and is always there to make everything fall in place. I had to travel to Germany for business reason. The stay there was no shorter than 2 months and I have a small child who was then three and half years old. I had not left her alone even for a night and there was absolutely no way that I could be away from her for 2 months. I was worried and perturbed and could not find a way out. I could not imagine being away from her for two months. After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to take my daughter and my mother along. I hastily applied for Tourist VISA for both of them. But, to my surprise, VISA was rejected. The day it was rejected was Guruji’s birthday. I was upset, but the immense faith and love for Guruji made me visit Ashram for his Birthday Celebration.

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Receiving The Best

Sri Sri

I would not attribute any one particular miracle to Guruji – rather, my coming into the Art of Living, my meeting the great Master, my change in perspectives of life – all that would be called the greatest miracle.

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