Everything Works Out Perfectly

I am one of the most fortunate people who got the opportunity to do advance course in Bangalore ashram IN THE PRESENCE OF BELOVED GURUJI. It was my wish to do advance course only with Guruji. It took me 6 years to fulfil my wish, in October I went to Ashram for the first time during Navratri and in the very next month I was back for an advance course. Nothing was planned, everything happened by His grace. Today by His grace all my desires are fulfilled. I also did `Sahaj Samadhi’ with Bhanudidi, which is a very and my experience is simply divine, I have never experienced such a joy in my life. I feel contented and full of bliss.

In my house everyone has done the AOL basic course since 1998 and my parents never lose the opportunity to attend Satsang with Gurudev whenever HE is in Mumbai or Pune. They always wanted to see the Ashram but every time it was postponed due to some or the other reasons but this time I decided to take them to Ashram in February for Shivratri celebrations and they were more than willing to come and everything else just fell into place. As Guruji says, “You just say you want to come and everything will be taken care of”.

My mom has Spondelitis due to which she has a walking problem due to imbalance. At that time she was not able to walk even for a small distance on her own, so the main concern was how she would walk in a crowd of 20 million people, so we almost dropped the idea of going. Then one day one of our close friends from California, USA, who is now an AOL teacher, called us and told us to come. He said Guruji has called us all. I told him my mom’s problem but he said you don’t have to worry about the crowd as he is arranging International Registration for us and you must come. On the same day, my cousin who is also an AOL devotee came home and handed us free passes! It was such an amazing experience.

At last we went to Bangalore. My mom and dad were mesmerized on seeing the Ashram and the atmosphere. As we had international passes with us we were very close to the main stage. Everybody was supposed to walk at least 1 km to reach the seating area near stage and buses were not allowed beyond a certain area, but we were lucky that the security allowed us to take our bus beyond that. Gurudev was taking care at every step and due to only His Grace my mom was able to walk in such a huge crowd without any trouble and enjoy the whole program. Everything happened so smoothly right from getting air tickets, accommodation at Banglore in the eleventh hour.

On the last day during our stay at ashram, there was Satsang in the evening. As usual Gurudev called those people who were celebrating their birthdays on stage. I took my mom and dad to the stage as it was their marriage anniversary. Guruji blessed them and asked them to exchange garlands. They were so happy!

Gurudev fulfilled all our wishes and made it the happiest moments of our lives. Meeting the Master is the experience of a lifetime. Events continue always, yet life changes completely!
We all have our share of the mundane and the exciting, We all have our joys and sorrows;
Sometimes we’re struggling, at times winning. Some simply exist while others are more fortunate.

Being with the Master is the experience of a million lifetimes.

With Love,

Jai Gurudev



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  • Jalaja Menon
    7 years ago

    Jai gurudev 🙂

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