My Guru Is Always With Me

My name is Rupen. I am a part of Art of Living since the August of 2012. There was a point where I discontinued because I believed there was no point in doing these breathing techniques and they would not help me. I ignored the Master’s calls and gave excuses like I am not well or I am very busy.

I reside in Dubai and I am facing a huge financial problem. I was not able to manage on my own here. Then I spoke to my sister in Mumbai. She told me to fly back immediately and I went to Mumbai with lots of hope and support of my family members. However, I also had a habit of lying due to which my family only supported me partly.

My sister requested me to join Art of Living again. I agreed with her and completed my part 1 course, and my faith towards my Guru became stronger and stronger each day. On the last day of the course, I told my teacher Satishji that I wanted to meet Gurudev. He told me that Guruji was in Anand, Gujurat and that I can go and meet him there and surrender my sufferings by writing them down on a piece of paper and give it to him. He said, ‘If your faith is strong, HE will meet you.’

I left for Anand by bus early morning and even thought I reached late, I was able to see my Gurudev for the first time and I was able to ask for a solution to my problems. His reply was very short and sweet but I was still not happy. Five hours later, I had to catch a bus back to Mumbai.

I was resting in the hotel and suddenly I got a call and was told to stay with Gurudev for two more days since it was the auspicious festival of Diwali. However, since I had been in Mumbai for four months and was away from my family, I decided to catch a flight back to Dubai instead. I did not listen to the phone call and flew back. When I landed, I was stuck and got caught in the airport as my partner had filed a case against me.

By Guruji’s grace, I was released in a day from the airport. If I would have stayed back and paid heed to the phone call, I would have avoided this whole episode.

Due to paying huge debts, I was tired and my client had to still give me a cheque for 1,00,000 Aed. I was doing his work which was a financial guarantee but sow how his work got delayed. He got annoyed and he bounced my cheque, and complained against me. On 12 March, I got a call that my client has complained I need to pay the amount.

In utter frustration, I was continuously calling the Bangalore Ashram and finally I was able to explain my reasons for calling and the lady who answered gave me Gurudev secretary – Jaina didi’s number. I was able to call her and I told her that I would like to speak with. She told me he was meditating and would not be able to speak.

I spent the entire day calling her up but she was not able to take my call. That day was spent in fear of what lay ahead. The next day, I was calling her since morning but she was not able to attend to my calls. I wrote ample of emails and messages but still no reply.

It was about 10 am and I was having my breakfast when I got a call from Jaina didi. She told me that Gurudev would like to speak with me. In that very moment, for me all the fear and pain was shifted to happiness. He listened to all my problems and told me to just be patient and pray. HIS words will always be with me. This is how my Gurudev is with me always

Jai Guru Dev
Rupen Doctor


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