Receiving The Best

I would not attribute any one particular miracle to Guruji – rather, my coming into the Art of Living, my meeting the great Master, my change in perspectives of life – all that would be called the greatest miracle.

When I first did the Basic Course, it was purely out of curiosity. Curiosity paved the way for more courses, and each course facilitated a change in me. I, who would earlier never stand in a queue, was actually waiting for hours in a long line to meet Guruji. I, who would never compromise on my comforts, was actually willing to share a room with four strangers during the Advance Course; and I, who used to chatter ceaselessly, actually wanted to remain silent even after the Advance Course was over.

When I see an animal suffering, I feel the pain. When I see a child laughing, it reiterates my faith in humanity. When I sit down for prayers, I sometimes feel the tears trickling from my eyes. What was earlier taken for granted is now cherished by me with a deep sense of gratitude. This complete change in my nature is entirely because of the influence of my Gurudev.

What is even a greater wonder is that my entire family has done the courses and has emerged way happier after it. Whenever I face a problem, I just have to think of Gurudev, and the solution occurs!

Guruji does not pamper me. Rather, He guides me through life with a strict hand. And I come out the stronger one. I do not always get what I want; but I always get what is best for me.
I remember the struggle my husband and I had to go through when we were finding a matrimonial match for our daughter. For two years we struggled with different prospective matches that came our way. We had a certain vision of the type of boy we would want for our daughter. We prayed in earnest to Gurudev. Finally, when we had almost given up in despair, there came a boy in my daughter’s life – the complete opposite of what we had envisioned for our daughter! And yet, I noticed that my daughter had never felt so happy, so complete before. I had never seen my husband so satisfied in life. I had never seen my own parents feeling so fulfilled.

Eventually the two families communicated with each other, and my daughter got married last December. Through every step, I could sense Guruji’s guiding hand and His blessing. The biggest moment of joy came when we received a letter from the Bangalore Ashram with a message from Gurudev, blessing the newly-wed couple and congratulating us for our daughter’s wedding.

In the end, I can only bow down to Gurudev with the deepest gratitude, for not giving us what we wanted, rather giving us what we needed and what was best for us.

Roma Saklani



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    he is not only a cheer to you ………..he is a boon to the society

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