Celebrating my Guru’s Birthday!

I would like to share one of my experiences with Guruji. On the 13th of May, 2011, Guruji was in the Bangalore Ashram for his birthday celebrations. We all knew in advance that he was to celebrate this grand day in the Ashram that year. Like every other devotee, it was my wish also to be a part of the celebrations and get the opportunity of meeting him that day. So I had planned to go to Bangalore on the 12th in order to attend the birthday and get Gurujis Darshan .But a few days later, closer to the date, I realised that I would not be able to make it and would have to stay back in Bombay due to certain personal reasons. So basically I had to cancel my entire plan of meeting Guruji on his birthday because of which I was extremely upset as I really wanted to be there. Guruji was supposed to meet each and every devotee one to one on his birthday and I was not going to be there. But little did I know that he was not going to let me remain upset for long as on the night of His birthday, he came in my dream and gave me flowers and blessed me .That was something that was very special for me and I treat it not merely as a dream but a true Darshan that my Master gave me on his birthday. It was nothing less than a miracle for me. It just proved to me that HE is always there for me. I might not be physically close to him but HE is still with me. HE resides within me and is taking care of me and all of us.

Guruji is the best 🙂




Deepianka Kohli



  • Jalaja Menon
    7 years ago

    Jai gurudev !! Very touching and inspiring story !!!

  • Jalaja Menon
    7 years ago

    Jai gurudev !!!! Very touching and inspiring story !

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