Where Logic Ends, Faith Begins

Jai Gurudev Dear ones,

Penning down your experience is just like a drop in this vast ocean of Divine love and grace. What we feel for our Master is so tough to express in words. His Grace is like the ocean, never ending, and if you have faith in Him, everything happening to you seems to be the work of the Divine.

I am trying to share one story out of the hundreds that I have experienced.

This miracle happened a couple of years ago, when the ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ was a mere exercise for me and ‘DSN’ was a personality development course. At that time, I did not know the real power of the course. But after the DSN, my life changed. We had been asked by our DSN teacher, Anandji, to make a small wish, which we wanted to materialize in the next 45 days. Our teacher assured us that this would happen.

I thought, ‘This is my turn to test Guruji’ and wished for a personal meeting with him in the next 45 days. My head would say itโ€™s not possible, but my heart said it could be possible. So when Guruji was in Mumbai in January 2011, I just followed Him everywhere. But meeting Him was a distant dream. I completely forgot about the wish that I had made during my course and just continued with my normal life.

When I heard that Sri Sri was going to visit Sangli (which is very close to my hometown) for a Mahasatsang, I decided to volunteer for the event. I took leave for a few days from college and left for my place. Work was on, and all was going well. On the previous night of the Satsang, out of nowhere, I get a call from one of the AOL teachers, saying that another teacher from Mumbai needed to meet Guruji urgently and I was requested to help her with accommodation at my place till morning. It was a pleasure for me to host an AOL teacher. So I did that with great enthusiasm. Next morning, when the teacher was about to leave from my house, my dad said, “We’ll drop her and if possible meet Guruji”. I happily agreed. So we went to the house where Guruji was staying but He was not there. He had gone somewhere else. Yet we decided to wait. Finally, everyone waiting for Him left as He did not come back for a long while.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

When He returned, it was only 8-10 of us waiting at the house for Him. It was such a beautiful opportunity to meet the Master, that too so closely. I met Him personally and spent time with Him. It was a wonderful experience, truly. Words cannot describe that feeling of ecstasy.

On reaching home, I thought to myself that I am so lucky and blessed to have met Gurudev so well. I then remembered the wish I had made during my course, and when I calculated, I realized that it was the 44th day. I don’t know how it materialized, but that day I realized – WHERE DOUBT ENDS, FAITH BEGINS. Never again will I test Him but I will continue to make such wishes for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

Chhayarani Tantry



  • Colonel Bhide
    8 years ago

    How any one can keep me happy?As I am always HAPPY and try my Best to Keep all those who come in contact with me HAPPY.

  • sudha
    8 years ago

    Our Faith in HIM Works Wonder

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