My Dream, My Miracle

I really don’t know where to start from when it comes to sharing miracle stories because they are endless. Life itself is a MIRACLE after meeting Guruji. I belong to a Brahmin family where chantings, poojas and homas carry a lot of importance and having some Guru in life has a lot more importance than that. But somewhere people don’t know whom to consider their Guru and they go crazy for whole life in search of HIM. But they say it is better to have a Guru in your life; life becomes a celebration. I started celebrating life since December 2010, till then I was just surviving.

You always love and remember those who stand by you in your problems. My life was a mess and my journey with The Art of Living started with lots of problems in life. I had two AOL teachers at home and I still wasn’t able to do any course. After waiting for 4-5 years, I got an opportunity and my questions answered through a dream.

I was very much connected to AOL without any of the courses because I heard Guruji on Sanskar every day. It was at a point in my life where I thought no one loved me and that there was no God but I was still longing to meet Guruji. Once someone asked him, “What about those who want to meet you Guruji but can’t come to meet you?” and his reply was that he would go and meet them in his dreams.

Some people don’t believe me when I say this and call me crazy but I had a dream where HE held my hand and told me something which I can’t forget for rest of my life. He told me, “I am always with you. All you problems are mine. Just relax”. You all can understand how it feels when you are in problem and someone gives you hope. HE made his words come true.

That one dream changed my live. Whenever I faced a problem, I would just end up saying, no problems are too big when you have a Guru and I am the luckiest to have Sri Sri as my Guru.





  • 8 years ago

    That wasn't a dream! A very nice blessing indeed.

  • Leena
    8 years ago

    Guruji says that we should not analyze our dreams. Yet so many millions of his devotees and followers have given testimony to the fact that He has come to them in their dreams. He has for me.

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