The Power of Surrender

For me, my family is everything. My sister’s kids are my kids. I want them to be good human beings and ardent followers of Guruji.

It so happened that my niece threw a bombshell on us a couple of months back that she’s seeing a boy of a different religion. I am not against any religion but I am aware that adjusting to a religion that is so different from ours would be a cause of concern. I also believe that all people are good, it’s the way we want to look at them and passing judgments about anybody is not an AOL principle.

I tried hard to convince myself that if this is what is destined, so be it. I was upset that in this process she had stopped her sadhna, seva, satsang. No matter how much I told her to meet Guruji, she dodged me. I ultimately gave up and surrendered my desire to our Master. And then, everything just happened. She was in Delhi and Guruji was there too. She went to meet him with a bouquet. He was briefly blessing everyone. When it came to her, he stopped, looked straight at her and asked “How areyou?”, and actually put His hand on her head. She felt as if He had just lifted her and put her in her place. That evening she called me up and told me that she will begin all over again with her sadhna, seva and satsang.

I surrender my desire in the morning, that very evening he fulfills it!

Jai Guru Dev

Sanah Mansukhani



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