Sri Sri- The Unconditional Love

Guruji came to Delhi on March 18, 2014 and his flight was supposed to land at 4:00PM. As I couldn’t leave office before 5:00PM, I thought I would go to meet him after he reaches Vasant Vihar where he was supposed to be staying. To my surprise and his wish the flight got delayed by 2 hours and by that time we could easily reach airport and meet him. So we reached at the airport but we did not have any conveyance to go from the airport to Vasant Vihar. Before he landed he even fixed that and we got a car arranged. Guruji finally landed and we met him at the airport and went behind him to Vasant Vihar.

We reached just in time when he was there and I again got a tap on the head with the bouquet of flowers he was holding. Then he went inside and we waited in the hall amidst hundreds of people. He finally came out in the hall and took our hearts away. As he rightly says he is a “Chit Chor” (who steals the heart too). On being asked to meet one to one, Guruji replied “Dil mein to milta hoon one to one” (In your heart I always meet you). However after that one to one meeting started. I felt something touched from inside as I met him. All I wanted after that was to cry every tension and burden off that I have been carrying with me. And I came back and just hugged his photo and slept. He was scheduled to leave on March 19, 2014 at around 1:00PM for Rishikesh. People had already left from Delhi to be with him on the banks of holy Ganges. I got an offer too but had to cancel it as I couldn’t take an off from work. I was sad that I couldn’t even leave office to go and bid him good bye to the airport. All I had was a sincere prayer in my heart that his flight gets delayed or his trip gets cancelled. And to my surprise, Guruji cancelled his trip to Rishikesh and stayed until 21st March in Vasant Vihar which is around 45 minutes distance from my place. This amazingly wonderful feeling that he loves you so much can bring a smile on anyone’s face and can turn sad tears into sweet. Sri Sri can make you feel soaked in love and drenched in joy and can change the disappointment into wonder “Koi itna pyaar kaise kar sakta hai?” (How can anyone love so much ?”) He has truly said in Narada Bhakti Sutras that “In the worst of situations if I can just remember that ‘Divine loves me, there is Divine Unconditional Love my misery will not be there!”
-Madhvi Mehra



  • Meena srivastav
    7 years ago

    Getting Gurudev love in our life really a miracles

  • Amit
    7 years ago

    We too Love you Gurudev.. Please be with us always 🙂

  • sanjib das
    7 years ago

    d same miracle has been happened in my life wen guruji came to kolkata on 8th April at netaji indoor stadium, even not asking any questions,I have got my answers at d volunteers session . I love him but i have so many questions in my mind and i want to get d answers even not asking to him directly. but he is my living god.

  • Udaya
    7 years ago

    Jay Guru Dev

  • Geetu Lala
    7 years ago

    Guru pyaar hai ……………..

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