So Loved & So Blessed

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I feel extremely blessed to get this opportunity to share with you all, a simply Divine encounter that I recently experienced. It brought me closer to my inner self, I realised how fortunate I am to have the presence of a living Master in my life!:) So loved and so blessed!!! So here goes...

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Birthday with Sri Sri

sri sri ravi shankar

I was super excited as it was my birthday and Guruji will be in Mumbai to address the vote for better India convention. With Anuraag bhaiyas efforts I was part of security seva at the hotel where Guruji will be staying. I along with other volunteers was assigned for security at the 9th floor lobby. Guruji has not yet arrived and we were told that Guruji will come to the lobby and from there he will go to his room. But at the end moment plans were changed and Guruji took lift from the ground floor and went to his room. I was a little disappointed but was hopeful as i had the entire day ahead.

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