The Divine Meeting

Dear Sri Sri, You have been so Great and Gracious, Magnanimous and Kind towards all of us. How can I express my Gratitude!

My Guru story happened in 2006. I did my Part –I course, but was not much inclined towards the Art of Living. In the May of 2006, Guruji had come to inaugurate the Texas Ashram. I was a student then and just got to know somehow that He was coming to San Antonio.
I told my mother about it and told her that I won’t go as it would cost 100 bucks, and I had no mode of travel as well. My mother pushed me to go, calling me couple of times from India. So after much deliberation, I finally decided to go.

As I was new to America, I did not have a phone or a car and nor did I know anybody from whom I could ask for help. I just called an organizer whom I call Sarah. She said a lady would pick me up from a bus stop. So I asked one of my friends to drop me at the bus station near my school. The Ashram was 4 hours away from my school. I reached San Antonio after 3 hours. I had no way to contact the lady who was supposed to pick me up.
Suddenly, an old gentleman and a lady came out of a vintage car. They received me with great warmth. Three other students had come from prestigious universities to meet Sri Sri. We all ate at a subway.

A couple, Sarah and Brian, owned a big mansion where I was supposed to stay. It was beautiful with a Ranch and Horses. I was to share a bedroom with two other women at night. One of them, an old lady, offered to sleep on the ground, giving me a princess’ bed. I felt extremely grateful for her kind gesture.
Next morning we were ready by 7:00 a.m. and were served the best breakfast ever. Sarah drove us on a cloudy rainy day to the Ashram.

Art of Living Center in Texas
Art of Living Center in Texas

It seemed as if it were the day of the birth of Lord Krishna, as Guruji was coming to the Ashram. I was just going with the flow, like a baby, with complete surrender and faith that nothing untoward will happen to me. I realized that Guruji was behind all this.

On reaching the Ashram, I experienced ‘Celebration’ in its purest form. I saw people dancing, singing Bhajans (Devotional songs). People from different cultural backgrounds had come together and were basking in peace and joy.
Then that moment arrived when Gurudev Himself entered the hall. Wow! What a moment that was! After chatting a bit, He made us do some activities which were great fun and relaxing too. After sometime, everybody was given a chance to meet Guruji and take His blessing. I was just so excited to personally meet Sri Sri. I touched His feet and took His blessings. I felt bliss.

After lunch, Guruji took us around the Ashram and to a rivulet nearby. As evening descended, everybody was singing. I too sang. Guruji’s Birthday was celebrated. Later Sarah came and gave me the cake which Guruji ate. I was astonished. Not just that, Gurudev also made us see all the pictures of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations. I was dumbstruck at seeing the auras in the pictures and realized the enormous Power of the Divine. I felt very grateful.
The celebrations then concluded. After Gurudev left, we came back to Sarah’s mansion. The old lady who had picked me up when I came to San Antonio, took me graciously to her house, fed me, and made me sleep in her bed, as her own daughter. The next morning, she dropped me to the bus station. I was taken care of just like a princess.
After that came an interview call at 5:00 p.m. in the evening on the Friday I came back from the Ashram, for an internship which I was trying for. I got the Internship. Guruji returned the amount I spent, 75 times through my internship. I thought it was only Grace. I was worried about spending the money for the Ashram trip, but my Master took care of it in His own way. What Amazing Grace!

But the most important of it all – Within 15 days from the time I came back from the Ashram, after taking His blessings, I started experiencing His Love as Blessings during the Sudarshan Kriya .It was like an endless nectar flowing. It was then that I experienced the greatest Grace of His. I am so grateful to Gurudev for those 2 weeks of pure eternal Bliss. He takes care of us as if we are Kings and Queens. I know that His Grace will keep flowing on us. Love you Guruji!
Jai Gurudev



  • Satyam
    4 years ago

    Wow, such a beautiful & Divine Guru experience.

  • Satyam
    4 years ago

    Wow, such a beautiful & Divine Guru experience.
    JGD 🙂

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