Beautiful Birthday

It was my 19th birthday. As most other people, even I had plans for the big day, and was looking forward to the celebrations. On my birthday night, owing to the bad behaviour of my very close friend, I got very upset and I cried almost all night. And then, all my birthday plans got cancelled, which made me even more upset! I was just so disheartened and dejected.
Half the day passed, and I was at home, crying and sulking, as it was my birthday and I wanted it to be special! I was feeling very terrible. I knew not what to do. I made a small prayer to Gurudev, pleading Him to make everything alright, for the rest of the day was still left, and I wanted a miracle to happen.

And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my mother received a call from my uncle, who is an Art of Living teacher as well. He excitedly informed her that Guruji was in Delhi, and He had a flight to catch in a while, so there was a good chance of Him giving Darshan to the devotees before leaving. On hearing this, I got extremely happy, bought my birthday cake and went to Vasant Vihar, with the hope of meeting Him. As we entered, the room was full with people. I quietly went and sat in a corner with my mom and dad. Bhajans (devotional hyms) were going on. I sat patiently, yet there was a bit of anxiety in my mind, as Gurudev had a flight to board, which meant that He would have to leave the room soon. I prayed and hoped that He would meet me well before leaving, especially as it was my birthday then. We waited for almost 2 hours, but I was losing hope with each passing minute!
And then suddenly, the moment arrived. Guruji started walking towards us. On seeing Him, I ran with the cake in my hand and went and stood near Gurudev. He was looking directly into my eyes. I can never forget that look of His. He saw my birthday cake and said, “It looks very tempting.” He then took a knife, cut the cake and said to me, “First you eat the cake, and then I’ll eat.” Slowly He picked a piece, looked into my eyes for almost 10 seconds, continuous, and then placed that piece of cake on my hand. He then took another piece and ate it!
WOW! I was on cloud nine. I truly could not have asked for more. Getting the opportunity to spend your birthday with your very own Master, that too so closely, was nothing short of a Divine blessing. I had tears of gratitude in my eyes. I am so grateful to Gurudev for giving me the Best Birthday ever.
I also took back a small learning from this experience. I realised that whatever happens, happens for the best. I was sulking during the first half of my birthday as all my plans had fallen through, but now I feel that there was no point in being sad, as it was all meant to happen so that I could celebrate my special day with my Guru! Always have the faith that it will all fall into place by the end. Don’t worry, be happyJ
Lehar Juneja



  • Leena
    7 years ago

    Thanks to our respected Gurudev for being there for all of us….JGD!!

    • 7 years ago

      Yes Leena, Gurudev is available for everyone we only have to realize His presence.

      If you want to share your experience write to us on and we will share it with the world!!

      Blessings & JGD

  • sutapa bardhan
    7 years ago

    Reading this story Ibecame so pleased. GURUDEV knows everything about us.When we are in danger or sorrow HE protects us.PRANAM GURUJI.

  • Isha
    7 years ago

    I want to meet him Guruji, but how to go about it as I am in Perth.


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