Sri Sri made the Impossible, Possible

Being with Guruji has been like a blessing and dream come true.

During Seva, many Nav Chetana Shibirs came my way, and I had the privilege to do 9 shibirs back to back in a span of three months. Thereafter four Bal chetana shibirs, where little children would effortlessly reduce you to unstoppable tears, when the shibir came to an end on the sixth day. I realized the power of the programs Guruji has devised and how he attracts souls towards him.

Now there was an intense desire in me to become a Part 1 teacher but the main hurdle in front of me was my age. I was on the wrong side of fifty and the cutoff age was supposedly 50 years. This idea was consuming me day and night. Once I happened to drive one Swamiji from the Ashram, and he said age is not a factor, your Sankalp matters. This got my mental ball rolling.

During the Maha Shiv Ratri Advance Meditation Course with Guruji in March 2012, I was in the Ashram and on the last day I had a chance of my life time to meet him face to face, one on one. I told him, “GURUJI I WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER”. He picked up a sweet, placed it on my palm and sweetly said, “HAAN TUM BANJAOO” (Yes, become a teacher) and within three and a half months (including a 12 day family vacation) I was able to complete all tasks assigned, all eligibilities complete and I was back at the Ashram for a 21 day Teachers Training Course and on 1st of August I was proudly holding the Teachers kit firmly clutched in my heart. My life had turned a full circle. This time I had a longer conversation with Guruji, he inquired about my profession, he asked me to go and conduct classes in Assam. Elated will be a mild word for my emotions then.

Back at my home, I had to complete my task of assisting at least 2 to 3 courses before I could venture on my own. On the eve of the 3rd course, I was sitting on the parapet of our city waterfront with my wife and our pet dog. A young Chinese couple came along and started playing with my dog. We struck a conversation and I immediately saw the wife as a future potential Art of Living teacher and spoke about the upcoming course which was starting the very next day. A miracle happened; the person enrolled; completed the course and is now friend for life.

One more incident happened while I starting the Teachers Training Course. My wife had a nasty habit of chewing Gutka (A lethal dose of tobacco plus paan masala) for the past twenty years or so and she was suffering physically. Many times I had prayed fervently that she give up this nasty habit. The doctor then once ordered a CT Scan and this turned up a extremely rare symptom (probably one out of 7 billion world population) which shook up the whole household and promptly my wife gave up the nasty habit and later after many tests, doctors said there was no need to worry and no medication was required.

Every day for me is a miracle, every moment is a revelation. The smile on my face cannot be erased; every day I learn new things; to love is my very nature; to serve is the privilege Gurudev has granted to me.

Jai Guru Dev


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  • Archana
    7 years ago

    No words to say……..speeechlesss i am….i also want to prepare myself 4 bcoming…teacher…n deeeply willing to hear from Guruji 4 dat….

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