Art of Living and Guru’s Grace Brought the Positive Back to My Life

The day I attended my first Art of Living course, I knew I had opened a new dimension in my life. It felt like my consciousness had awakened. Until then, I was a very logical person and hadn’t realized how stubborn I had become. However, thanks to AOL, my life changed for the better.

I always assumed problems were gender specific. I used to think it’s easy for men to overcome their problems but not for me, I was getting vacuumed into all my issues. Luckily, this thinking has changed. We all face problems. Challenges do not escape anyone. It’s up to us to enjoy our lives and appreciate the ups and downs it brings us. Everything is a lesson.

Through the course, I understood the importance of self-discovery. I learnt to accept all my problems and deal with them correctly. It gave me the gift of insight. Especially the insight into our culture and the importance of passing all of this down to the generations to come.

My anger and stubbornness was seamlessly converted into positive energy. The list of good things is endless.

My husband was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease. We discovered this one year into our marriage. I had AOL so I found a way to better manage my personal and professional life with this new information. This led to reduced conflicts in my mind and therefore, my life. My family atmosphere only kept improving and my husband’s stress level reduced. He is very fit and active, fighting his way through, despite having Parkinson’s for the last 12 years.

I know none of this would be possible in the absence of grace. Thank you.

Jai Guru Dev


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