Guruji can read my mind

My first meeting with Guruji was so beautiful & surprising. I had gone to meet Guruji at the place where he was staying not knowing that the meeting with him is only open to teachers. But I did not feel bad about it because I had decided that I am going to meet him by all means, no matter what. When a couple of teachers were going to the room to meet him, I just requested one of the teachers that I want to meet Guruji. Now that teacher could definitely say no, since the meeting was only for teachers. But instead, this teacher agreed and took me in. On entering I realized, that the teachers were celebrating Guruji”s birthday. When I went to Guruji, he fed me a piece of cake and blessed me & told me not to worry about anything.

People often wonder about how it is possible for Guruji to know what we are thinking and how does he know what is going on in our mind? In fact, these questions went on my mind as well. But after this incident I realize just how well Guruji can read my mind. In March 2012, when I went for the AMC with Guruji, I was continuously saying the mantra” GURUJI PLEASE MEET ME”. The course was being taken by Swami Brahmatej. On the 2nd day of the course, I requested Swamiji to make me meet Guruji. The next day, after Guruji finished taking a meditation session, a volunteer came to take me to the stage to meet Guruji. After meeting him, I was mentally thanking Swamiji because he kept me in mind and sent a volunteer to make me meet Guruji. That evening when I met Swamiji, I actually thanked him for sending a volunteer to make me meet Guruji but he was looking confused and then he said that he never sent any volunteer to me and that the volunteer was sent by Guruji himself. I was shocked when I heard this.



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