Guruji always comes for you

24th December, 2011 in Bombay is a day I will never forget. My brother had made me in charge of the main security gate from where Guruji was to come and go. Standing there the whole day, I was seeing every single person going up and coming and I felt ”why am I not being taken up to meet Guruji? Later that night, Guruji came down and was walking towards the stage and he turned and came to me and held me hand and asked ”kya hua mooh kyun latkake khadi hain’ (What happened? Why are you sad?) I said Guruji nobody is taking me up then Gurdev said ”Acha magar upar bohot bheed hain” (It is very crowded upstairs) then he said ”toh kya kya hua mein neeche tere liye aaya hoon” (I have come down for you) then he went towards the stage and in 10 seconds he came back and held my hand again and said “chal mere saath” (come with me) and in a crowd where people were just shouting ”Guruji” he’s walking ahead looking behind and asking me ”khanaa khaya”? (Did you eat food?) I said haan Guruji. Again he asked ”pet bharke khaya?” (Did you eat enough to fill your stomach?) I said “Jee haan Guruji” and after he left I finally went UP! 😀
Seema W


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  • meeragmenon
    7 years ago

    when i read all the miracles, deep down I feel a bit jealous as i have never been so lucky to meet him yet, when I did get a chance to come to the ashram , to do my advance course with "Guruji ", the tenth results date was announced and I had to cancel my coming to the ashram with Anu Kerwal , we paid together as I was very keen but I was not lucky and its still pending as I have to do before June 2014 as I will lose the whole amount but only in May I can do, and I want to do the Advance Course with Guruji and it will be my first trip to the ashram too, heard a lot about Bangalore Ashram , but have not yet reached there,,,,,,,,JGD'
    A Heart Broken Student,

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