He is Always Watching Us!!

It was a hot summer after noon and I was with an Art of Living teacher’s residence for lunch.
One teacher said- “Isn’t it hot and humid today?” This made someone pour water all over the floor, making it cool.

Suddenly the teacher’s cell phone rang and he said- “Jai Gurudev”
Person over phone- “Jai gurudev”
Teacher- “Yeah, Jai Gurudev”
Person over phone- “Jai gurudev”
Teacher- “Yeah, Jai Gurudev”
Person over phone- “Jai gurudev”
He looked at me and I smiled.

He said- “GURUJI?????????”
Person over phone-“Yes, it is me. ”
The teacher – who was in shorts and tshirt stumbled and said, “Yes Guruji – Jai Gurudev”
Guruji- “Arey yeh kya tarikha hain baithne ka? Theek se kapde pehno. Get ready” (Why are you seated like this? Wear decent clothes and get ready)

He keeps the phone.
Teacher looked at me and said- “Please get up and dress up. Guruji has asked us to get ready.”
Within seconds we were all in white clothes and the floor was cleaned, the water was drained and dried up. Everything was lightening fast! The phone rang again.

Guruji- “Jai Gurudev”
Teacher- “Jai Gurudev Guruji!!”
Guruji–“Aah now you all look beautiful and fresh!!!”
Teacher – “Where are you Guruji?”
Guruji- “I am in Germany!!”
Teacher-“Okay Guruji”
Gurujis- “Get Ready.”

And surprisingly, after a few minutes many people came to the flat to enquire about Art of Living.
Isn’t it amazing? Guruji wants us to be on the mark every time. Where ever you are, you are representing Art of Living, so keep and maintain the grace 🙂 Be aware. HE is watching you right now.




  • Vaidehi
    8 years ago

    Simply WOW !!

  • Mrs.padmasravan
    7 years ago

    yes guruji is watching us,i love you guruji

  • Geetha Rao
    7 years ago

    Truly Awesome….!!!

  • aditya gaikwad
    7 years ago

    what is this! My gurudev!

    How can this be done!



    Germany TO India!!

    I suddenly realize hw small my brain is!!

  • manju sharma
    7 years ago

    we are so lucky…guruji.

  • somnath thakur
    7 years ago

    jai gurudev….

    u r great guru ji…u always care for us….

  • Anita Tripathi
    5 years ago

    Really amazing story

  • Ajita S Kartha
    5 years ago

    Jgd, ya feel Gurujis presence always, 👏👏👏I am very lucky🙏

  • Vandana Nandlal Talreja
    11 months ago

    Yes. Guruji is looking at us and take care of us. Jgd.

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