Faith in the Guru Led Me To My Dream Job

After taking a one year break from work, I was eager to get back to my career. I was searching for a well-suited job. In the beginning, I was rejected after a bunch of interviews. It was disheartening but I told myself to keep my momentum up. I chanted Om Namah Shivaya every day along with an audio recording of my Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It helped keep up my positivity.

Finally, I was selected for a job that I thought I really wanted. I knew it was because of the Guru grace. I expressed my gratitude to him in my usual habit of praying and talking to one of Sri Sri’s photograph. I was satisfied knowing I won’t remain jobless. However, the thought of this job did not bring me much joy. My family was delighted, though, that I wasn’t just sitting idly and wasting my time. I was reluctant to join the organization. I attended one of the pre-hiring orientations and I realized this was not the place for me. I wouldn’t be able to adjust with and adhere to their terms. I returned home with a feeling of disappointment.

Yet, the next day, I began browsing for more jobs. Within 30 minutes of searching, I saw a posting that looked really great and suited my work profile. I immediately got in touch with the company’s HR. They said it was the last day of conducting interviews for this position and if I could make it in time for giving one, I would stand a chance.

I rushed to the location and next to the elevator, I found the metal inauguration board of the building. I started reading as I waited and to my surprise, the inscription started with the words “Jai Guru Dev.”

I learned that the building was inaugurated by none other than Guruji.

This felt like a divine blessing from him. I walked into my interview and cracked it. I was chosen for the position. I was happy about their terms in the offer unlike with the previous job, which weren’t in line with my requirements.

I could clearly understand that it’s all the result of unwavering trust and devotion towards Gurudev. He bestowed me with exactly what I wanted. My lesson is to always have faith.

Jai Guru Dev,

Raeshma Reddy


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