Sri Sri Makes Us All Happy

This happened at the Vasad Ashram in Gujrat in 2012 during the Diwali Advance course. First of all, the course was not supposed to happen that year. I prayed a lot to Gurudev and so did many other devotees and it was finally fixed from the 10th– 13 th of November, 2012, 13th November being the auspicious day of Diwali.

During the course, Gurudev came to visit us. Everyone was made to sit in lines so that we could all get Darshan. I was sitting in the 3rd row. As He was meeting people, one by one, He entered the 2nd row from behind and then entered the 3rd row where I was sitting. He looked at me while passing, but unfortunately for me, there was another lady in between me and Gurudev.

He then went ahead, leaving me dissatisfied. I was crying and just thinking to myself that God knows when I would get such an opportunity to meet him so closely again. By then, He had reached the end of the 3rd row. Now He could go directly to the 1st row from behind. But to my utter surprise, as though He could listen to what I had thought, He came back running towards me.

I saw Him in front of me and I touched His feet. I was in a state of complete bliss at that time. Words cannot explain my feelings. He left leaving me with tears of gratitude. Thank you so much Gurudev for everything.





  • Saloni
    7 years ago

    Lovely 🙂

  • Nalwathee Dela
    12 months ago

    Makes me happy tooo!

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