With Love and Gratitude

Guruji’s presence in my life has always been so unspectacular, yet, always so  profound and deep. His grace in my live is immeasurable and yet so subtle.
Recently, after a very hectic schedule of late nights and early mornings, we (my wife, my 4 year old daughter and I ) were returning from Dubai to Abu Dhabi after attending Rishi Vidhyadharji’s morning Sadhana.In about 10 minutes from the time I actually touched the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway, I started feeling sleepy. As Priyanka, my wife and Avni, my daughter, too were tired, they dozed off a little later and I kept driving to be on time for a meeting at Abu Dhabi. After some time, I said to Priyanka that she should talk to me as I was feeling sleepy. She suggested that I should stop at one of the petrol pumps and rest there for few minutes but as there was no petrol pump nearby, I had to keep going until I could find one. I finally found one and came close to the exit. However just before taking the exit, my eyes closed for few seconds and when they opened, I realised that I had missed the exit. In a sudden state of shock, I took a right turn at the high speed of 120 kmph, and missed entering the exit again, while on my foolish effort to enter the petrol pump’s lane, I bumped into a cemented  flag post with a full bang on hit.

The impact of the collision was so much that it bent the car’s front frame and dashboard. Miraculously, while Avni just fell from Priyanka’s lap, none of us were anywhere hurt. I just had a small scratch due to the hot air bag, on my left wrist.While it took some time to come out of the shock, both Priyanka and I were very grateful that nothing had happened to anyone of us. We called up Rishi Vidhyadharji. He blessed us and said that everything would be taken care of. In minutes, we had an ambulance, traffic police and the emergency car trailer, helping us out of the situation. The police did not put any black mark on my driving license (though it was totally my mistake), the petrol pump manager did not put any fines on me, the ambulance were ready to take us to hospital and we had a taxi coming from no where to pick up Priyanka and Avni to safety. Quite soon, one of our close friends, Prasad, came over to help me with all the formalities.Such a major crash happened, the car was trashed away as the engine got fully damaged, and yet all I had to bear was just a minor scratch, roll out a few thousands for damages and experience tons and tons of Grace in our lives.

That accident once again reinforced my  Guru’s presence in our lives and the unending Grace that He showers us with.

Miracles do happen:)

With Gratitude and Love,



    7 years ago


  • Pradeep Upreti
    7 years ago

    Jai Gurudev!

  • Sanatan
    7 years ago

    120 kmph speed, a 4 year old in the car. I see. Ever heard of a car seat for kids ? Never take a chance again.

    Also, remember to read the knowledge sheet "Reason and Faith"

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