In Giving a Gift, I received the Biggest Gift of Gurudev’s Blessings

When you are on this path, every day is a miracle. My name is Shruti and I am sharing another wonderful story of Gurudev’s Grace.

In the year 2016, I came to know that Gurudev will be coming to Gujarat for Diwali (a Hindu mega festival) celebrations. My heart leaped with joy. I had an intense longing to meet Him personally and offer him a gift. I shared my desire with my Art of Living teacher and she told me “Take Sankalpa (an intention to do a good deed backed by a strong willpower) and you will surely get to meet Him”.

I went to Ahmedabad to attend the event. Gurudev came on the Darshan ramp. Now, I could give the gift to a volunteer standing nearby who would have forwarded it to Gurudev. However, my heart still wanted to present this gift to Him personally so I just watched Gurudev and decided to instead go to Vasad (Art of Living Ashram in Gujarat), where His next event was scheduled.

Just before I was about to leave for Vasad, I was told that my bus has been cancelled! I was heart-broken. I returned to my home and prayed to Gurudev “Either I will gift this to You personally or I’ll keep it with me forever “.

As always, Gurudev had His own wonderful plans for me. On the very next day, my father received a call from his friend informing him that Gurudev would be coming to ‘Atmiya Dham’ (an Ashram in Gujarat belonging to the Swaminarayan sect). My father quickly came to me with the news. I was overjoyed and in my excitement I did a full round of “Garba”! (a Gurjarati folk dance).

Upon reaching Atmiya Dham, none of the security guards stopped us.  As soon as we approached the event hall, we saw Gurudev taking a session exclusively with the Art of Living teachers. Since none of us were teachers, we decided to wait outside. As soon as the session ended, Gurudev came out and I rushed towards Him but a volunteer stopped me. Gurudev got in the car waiting for Him and started moving. My heart skipped a beat but my Sankalpa was strong. The car passed near us. I looked at Gurudev and He opened the car’s door! I rushed towards Him, gave Him the gift personally and touched His feet. He also gave shawl to my parents!

I can never forget this day in my life. It was the most beautiful miracle. In giving a gift to Him, I have received the biggest gift of His blessings. The Guru is always there, every time, taking care of you. Take Sankalpa and surrender. He is listening and He has his own ways to meet you.

Have Faith and Keep moving on the Path 🙂

With lots of Love and Gratitude



  • Jaya Kakkar
    1 year ago

    Beautiful ❤️❤️

  • Avinash Sharma
    12 months ago

    Stay blessed

  • Akhila Iyer
    8 months ago

    Got tears while reading your story. I can understand the feeling of longing for your desire to be fulfilled

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