How Sudarshan Kriya Became the Real Wealth of My Life

I did my first Art of Living course in 1995 at Model Town in Delhi with teacher Rajesh Sharma. I was not a spiritually inclined person back then. As a humble policeman, I was focused on earning money for my family rather than doing any spiritual practices. My mind was not calm at all. All I could think about back then was ways to earn more money and it was the top priority of my life. I could not even dream of owning a home, accommodating my parents and children in it, having a small family car, and a convent education in a reputed school for my children. Even though all this seemed impossible to me at the time, all of my efforts were directed towards achieving it.

The experience of Sudarshan Kriya was so powerful for me that it brought about a complete change in my life. For the first time, I realized that there were things which were beyond my boundaries of understanding.  I was spellbound, amazed, and stunned with such a wonderful experience.

A few days later after the course, I was going back home from my office on my bike in the evening. But my bike lost balance and I collided with a Tata 407 truck and fell on the road. Yet, I simply got up after the accident with not even a scratch on my head. 
The crowd, which had surrounded me, could not believe their eyes. For me, it was truly a miracle. I felt grateful to Sri Sri at that time.

My faith in Guruji became even strong during an Advance Course I did in Rishikesh. I was not feeling well before the course, but had still decided to go for it. I asked Guruji if I did the right thing by taking a medical leave to attend this course. He responded with a smile, “You are on the right track my dear.” Even though I was sick before, I did not feel sick at all during the course. Every course in the Art of Living gave me something new. Doing 23 advance courses, 5 DSN courses, Sahaj Samadhi, Blessing course, TTC 1 and 2, and many others, each helped me climb higher on the spiritual path. They changed my mindset, from thinking small to thinking big.

The regular sadhana, seva and satsangs have become my real wealth. I have realized it’s not about having a lot of money in your bank account. My life has been totally transformed. 
Instead of thinking what I could gain, I think about what else I could give.
My words may fall short but Guruji’s endless grace is taking care of my life. I am in Delhi police department and how circumstances help me grow more on this spiritual path is miraculous. I want to do something for my brothers and sisters in the police department so as to reduce their stress level, as well.

My sincere gratitude to my beloved master.

Jai Guru Dev!

Satyavir Naulakha



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