Experience Miracles and Hangout with Sri Sri

Below is an account of my personal interaction with Sri Sri followed by an opportunity to interact with Him open for one and all –

November, 2008 was the month that completely gave a new direction to my life. It was in this month that I first time experienced the Sudarshan Kriya in the Youth Empowerment Skills Workshop (yes+). I felt different at first, didn’t know what was happening within me but I just went with the flow and used to practice the Sudarshan Kriya (meditation) and attend Satsang (singing and chanting divine hymns).

The turning point occurred in December 2009, my first interaction with SriSri in the Bangalore Ashram (Art Of Living International Headquarters), I remember I was standing close to Him while He was getting into the car, and I screamed “ I love you Guruji”, He called me towards Him and Lovingly looked at me in-spite of being thronged by people from all sides and asked me “Where are you from ?”, this was my first interaction with Sri Sri.

Since then, when ever have I got a chance to see Guruji, either in His presence or a web-cast online it has been enlightening and somehow I tend to get the answers to my worries.

I avidly remember one such instance in satsang with Guruji in the beautiful amphitheater in Bangalore Ashram, where people were asking Him various questions and getting answers fro Him, I thought to my self even I should ask Guruji some question and strike a conversation with Him, it would be a good opportunity to interact with Him, that very moment Guruji says on mike “ this question – answer session we are having is just to strike a conversation and for the sake of it, I communicate in silence, Heart to Heart, when You remember me”. I was shocked as to How Guruji could understand me so well and teach me such a valuable knowledge sutra.

We indeed have to be fortunate to interact and learn so much from Sri Sri. There is one such lucky opportunity to interact with Sri Sri on 26th January, 2013 where we can ask Him questions, He would be giving us ways and techniques to overcome Violence, Stress, in the society.

Today the entire world is gripped with stress, a child smiles 400 times a day, but an adult only 20 times a day. It is by being in knowledge and being Guided can the smiles return back on the faces of each Individual.

Stand up against violence and stress,[highlight] interact with the master at Google+ Hangout on 26th January at 8.30pm IST, 10.00am GST, 3.00pm GMT.[/highlight]

You could register for the interaction with Sri Sri on [highlight]http://tiny.cc/registerforhangout[/highlight] and post your questions as well 🙂 .

There are many people looking forward to the Hangout with Sri Sri to experience Bliss, and stand up against Stress and increasing Violence in our society, so we should all can all come together and make a difference and spread the Love and Grace of our Master.

Jai Gurudev




  • 10 years ago

    Yes I am going to be part of this 🙂 Are you???

  • Shipra
    10 years ago

    Not to be missed Hangout with the Divine 🙂 Eagerly waiting for the day <3

  • Dhruv
    10 years ago

    Waiting eagerly for knowledge on the hangout from our very own Gurudev..

  • srisriontour
    10 years ago

    Sri Sri has really made it simpler to live life happily and the secret lies in service for the society. All the wisdom he has shared with us is applicable in our practical life. Jgd 🙂 http://srisriontour.wordpress.com

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