My Walk with Sri Sri

Yesterday, as I walked from my room to the amphitheater for the evening satsang at the Art of Living Bangalore ashram, I stopped on the way as I noticed Sri Sri’s car parked outside a hall which was under construction. Two people were waiting for him outside. I peeped in to take a look – there he was, small in height as compared to the tall men he was surrounded with, but towering above them all in demeanor.

After a rather unhappy and emotionally turbulent day, I did not feel like going for satsang. I just wanted to hide in my room and not bother anyone with the sadness and pain that I felt. But here I was, waiting for my Guru outside that hall.

He was giving instructions for further construction of the hall. As he came out, a smile automatically came to my face and with folded hands, I just stood there looking at him. Once he was done with the inspection, he suddenly looked in my direction and gave a sweet smile and waved at me. I couldn’t utter a word. I continued to smile and stare at him. Then I thought he would just sit in his car and go for satsang, as he usually does. He never ever walks down from that place to the amphitheater, due to the massive crowds that line up to greet him. But that day he decided to walk!

“Ready for the chaos?” said my Master, turning around and laughing lovingly at us. He’s never been afraid for himself, for his own security. He just walks on with confidence! By that time I was grinning and I was walking right behind him, following his footsteps to wherever he walked. There were only seven of us, so this could happen easily. After a point, I realized that I had come to walk right next to him. He was saying something to someone, but I never heard the words. I just looked at him silently. I felt that words were not needed in that moment. I was overwhelmed that my Master and I were walking together.

He was walking down to the amphitheater silently, when some devotees turned around and finally took notice of his presence. “Oye!” one devotee exclaimed. Many others turned around to see, equally surprised at seeing Guruji walking down towards them. All of us walking with Gurudev burst out laughing at that devotees exclamation. Gurudev too, laughed along and gave the widest and most innocent grin. My gaze was fixed on him and I helped set aside the huge crowd that clamored around him. Being rather tiny and petite, I was lost amidst the crowd as Gurudev walked on.

I didn’t struggle to go forward and meddle in the crowd. I was content. My heart was so full of love, as I watched Guruji walk to his seat, smiling as ever. I can’t recall what bhajan played that moment to greet him for satsang, but I can recall how good it made me feel.

Aashna celebrating her birthday with Sri Sri
Aashna celebrating her birthday with Sri Sri

Then it struck me – HE KNOWS EVERYTHING! He knew that I would have pined in my loneliness, so he came to my rescue! The Divine worked in such mysterious ways. This was so much more than just a few beautiful moments spent with my Lord, it was a beautiful realization. His love was an instant healing balm on my self-inflicted wounds. As I sat down with the realization that I was being taken care of at all times, I felt tears of gratitude trickle down my face. This was the Master’s way of showing his love for me. When I had no expectations, he had given me the sweetest surprise. I felt so lucky to have him in my life, and valued it beyond comprehension.

Remembering his words, “A devotee will never fall”, I trembled with gratitude as I bowed down in reverence before the Lord.

– Aashna



  • Bharat
    6 years ago

    Aashna… guru Story 😉

  • Kamlesh
    6 years ago

    Awesome Ashana… felt so nice to read it. Happy for you..stay happy and blessed…
    Jai Gurudev!!

  • krutika
    6 years ago

    Nice and joyful

    6 years ago

    Feeling very good , after reading these real experiences.JGD:)

  • Chandrashekhar
    6 years ago

    .. 🙂 .. jgdv … 🙂

  • Ruchika
    6 years ago

    Wen m gonna experience all dis?? : (

  • Deepika Khatri
    5 years ago

    With this Guru story I felt like I am living the experience..Thanks fr sharing 🙂

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