The Reassuring Radiance

I have been an Art of Living volunteer for almost two years and have experienced many miracles in my life, but there is one particular incident which requires a special mention.
I was working in a Company as an Assistant Manager and was in a comfortable position. However for further growth I was looking to switch my job. One company offered me a good job with high salary in Ghana, and I was supposed to join them. So I resigned from my existing company. Unfortunately, during the notice period, the new company suffered some problems mainly because of the EBOLA outbreak hence my joining got delayed by three months. My marriage was on the cards as well, but things started to look worse.

I had started to get worried. And one particular night I couldn’t control my sorrow and became teary eyed, as I tried to sleep. I felt restless, filled with deep anxiety. I knew not what the future held and felt uncertain. Guruji came in my dreams that night. He held my hand and put His hand over my head. Next morning, I woke up very happy about the fact that Guruji had come in my dream. I felt reassured and had actually forgotten the state of problem I was in.

A major shift happened after that night. A week prior to my notice period, I had gone to attend the weekly long Kriya session. There, a few AOL volunteers informed me that one of their volunteers was trying to reach out to me since a week. I was wondering as to who this could be, and to my utter astonishment, he was the owner of a company which was in the same field as mine! I spoke to him over the phone the same day, and the next day I got an interview call. What’s even more coincidental is the fact that he offered me to join from the very next day of my notice period completion. I got the desired profile and the salary package was also better. What more could I have asked for?
He came in my dream, gave me hope and light, and took away all my problems and pain. Thank you Sri Sri. Words fall short in expressing my heartfelt gratitude towards my ever-so-loving, ever-so-caring Master!
I start this new job with His blessings and also a promise to myself, that come what may, I will never doubt the Guru’s Grace. I am so grateful that my Master is there for me, all the time.



  • sastri M
    6 years ago

    JGD rocks

  • Satyam
    6 years ago

    You are graced..we are all graced.
    JGD 🙂

    • 5 years ago

      Fortunate we are to have guruji in our lives..!! Jai Gurudev

  • aneeta
    6 years ago

    Guruji I am jobless past six months and re apply at myx company at lafarge.I really wish to get job in lafarge.could you help me to get my desire job with good salary package?

    • 5 years ago

      Dear Aneeta,

      Please don’t worry and have strong faith & belief in Guruji. Only best will happen to you and in any situation he will surely take care of you.

  • Sagar
    6 years ago

    Felt so nice after reading this 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Jgd

  • 5 years ago

    Dear Guruji,

    Over a period of last 5 years, my complete family have been through lot of tough phases which have been turned very smooth for us by your presence and grace. It is not possible to express our love & gratitude towards you in the form of words. All we can say is that life without you is unimaginable and worthless. Be with us… always as you are!!. We love you. Jai Gurudev

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