My Loving Master

Since my childhood, I have been very spiritual. I am a devotee of Lord Shiva, but there was something which was lacking. I used to be very depressed, very shy. In fact I had very few friends in school because of this.

This is how I joined Art of Living, I am the biggest fan of Shreya Ghoshal (Indian singer) She herself calls me the same. I manage her community on Orkut where her fans gather and share her songs. Then one of the members added me on Orkut, we started chatting generally. Nearly after one year, he did the Yes+ Course and he was aware of my situation so he asked me “oye tujhe Art of Living ke baare mein pata hai” (Do you know anything about AOL). Though I had not done any course but I always admired Guruji for his unique talks and AOL bhajans. Finally I did my first Yes+ Course on January 15th 2010 in IIT Delhi.

It was amazing but still something was lacking. Then I went to the Ashram the very same year for Summer Magic. I mainly went because I really wanted to visit South India. So somehow I went there. I was very impressed with the teachers and when I saw Guruji in satsang for the first time, tears started rolling down my eyes and I myself couldn’t understand why it was happening!

I had one problem which I could share only with someone who could solve it. Well, I tried it on HIM 😉 I told him everything without knowing the end result. Then in November 2010, he called me and said “Don’t worry, I am always there with you”. After that, the trust for him had started developing in my heart and I took his words “I am always with you” quite lightly. But who knew that he actually meant it? I started experiencing strange miracles. I didn’t know whom to share it with. My life had become super amazing but still mysterious. I started feeling his presence everywhere. Then I got to know that he is definitely some incarnation.

In January 2011, I again went to the Ashram for doing “AMC with Guruji” thinking that the course would be taken by Guruji himself. I didn’t know what it actually was though it was my second advance course after Summer Magic. Then the time came, I was eagerly waiting for him to take the course but Swami Paramtej came to take the course and I did feel a little down but I was fine after 2 days. He finally came on the second day of the advance course. He was continuously looking at me and smiling in his own special way. I was shocked as to why he was looking at me. Then on the last day of the advance course, while I was half asleep, I got a call from Guruji’s secretary Nishant.

He said, “Tomorrow you have to come near Ganga Kuteer.” I asked “Why?” He replied, “Guruji wanted to meet you.” I was shocked. I was living in Aparna and from my room; I could see the flag hanging at Ganga Kuteer. Before sleeping, I had this wish to meet him before going and end the problem which was ruining my life.

Finally the day, 20th January, 2012 came. He called me. He gave me prasadam. I clicked a picture with Him and before I could tell my problem, he said it Himself! I was amazed as to how He could still remember my problem after 2 months when He meets thousands of people every day! Then he patted on my back and I felt an amazing positive current flowing in my body and I don’t know where that problem went that very second. Since that moment, it’s HIM and ONLY HIM everywhere

My relationship with him is something which I will never ever be able to express and I don’t understand how I have done so many Advance courses in a short span of time. All I can say is My Lord Shiva has actually come on this planet to save millions 🙂

I hope I’ll able to make Shreya Ghoshal do the course as well because she is indirectly the major medium who brought me to HIM, isn’t she?

Jai Gurudev!


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