Sri Sri’s Blessings Changed My Life!

I would like to share my story with Guruji, right from the scratch. Well, the journey started in the year 2009. I got into Engineering College. I then did the Art of Living Basic course, but couldn’t continue doing Short Kriya on a regular basis. You know the engineering life. I would find it difficult to make time. But at the end, I knew I could if I really wanted to. As they say “Nothing is impossible!”

Then in 2012, Guruji visited my home in Durgapur (West-Bengal). My parents are active volunteers serving AOL since years. Well, it was that day which changed my life completely. Guruji spoke with me for a while, and I showed my urge to study abroad. He just asked me one question “Kriya karte ho daily”? (Do you do your kriya daily?). Then, I replied “Haan Gurudev, kabhi kabhi” (Yes Guruji, sometimes). He saw my expression and gave me a smile and said “Har din kiya karo”(you must do it daily). He then asked me “Tumhe sach mein jaana hai USA padhne”? (Do you really want to go in the US and study ?) I said “Yes Guruji, I eagerly want to go! He then kept His hand on my head for a while and blessed me saying “Dont worry ho jaayega! ” (Don’t worry it will happen)

It was from that day, when He blessed me that I started doing my Kriya after months. I then got admits from Universities and I was on cloud nine. Usually, the Visa interviews are difficult to crack, but you might not believe me when I say, I had my interview only for 30 seconds. I was just asked what my parents do and I was instantly approved the Visa. All doors seemed to be opening for me slowly. I went to the States and studied well, with all my focus and dedication. But there were still some closed doors. Life is not all that easy, after all. In the course of my exams, I had a subject due in engineering. This was my last chance to clear it. If not this time, then it would cost me thousands of dollars, as all of my fees were paid for university abroad. I had my return flight on August 9, and the result came out just 2 days before that. I took a sigh of relief. I had finally cleared it! I am just so grateful to Guruji for being with me through my testing times and sailing me through, all victorious!!!

Another positive change that took place in my life after coming to USA was that I started going to long Kriya weekly sessions and started doing the short Kriya regularly. This gave me a whole lot of steadiness in my life.

Coming to the present, I was searching for an internship in USA for summer. And with His constant blessing, I got into IBM. Well, you all may think “So big deal!” But it truly is a big deal. Getting an internship in USA is a whole lot of big deal, and that too with such a well reputed brand. I applied only to one company and I got through it. I was the first one in my class to get Internship.

This beautiful and fruitful journey of mine would have never been possible without my Masters support!

Don’t underestimate the power of a Guru in your life. Just keep a positive thought and keep focus on what you want. The Guru will take care of it. You just need to walk ahead, and the path will be created for you. And always show your gratitude towards Him, that’s very important.

I sincerely hope and pray that each one of your dreams gets fulfilled, just like mine did☺

Karan Goenka



  • akshay
    2 years ago

    Such a wonderful story! Truly the master’s Grace moves the world!

  • Praveen
    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing dear

  • Prabha Swamy
    2 years ago

    Gracious reading and very happy for your life shaping up well. Stay blessed.

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