How Sudarshan Kriya & Faith in Gurudev helped me clear my exams in the most challenging situations

In the year 2014, I secured admission in an engineering college in Nagpur, India. It was here that I was introduced to Art of Living & did my first Happiness Course. The practice of Sudarshan Kriya helped me immensely during some extremely challenging times and it also made me overcome some vices. While I was originally from Dubai, UAE, I felt connected with everyone here and made many friends.

In my final semester, I unfortunately failed an exam. The rules of Nagpur University did not allow students to carry any backlogs to the final exam.  Thousands of students were barred and I was one of them. I was completely shattered! I was new to the country and had no substantial experience to seek a job. Heartbroken, I decided to move back to my home in Dubai.

The bad luck however continued its spell. Upon reaching home, I realized that my family had received an eviction notice & we will need to move out of the house we had rented for so many years. We were forced to move into a smaller house with a higher rent and it created a financial crunch. I decided to take up a menial job just to survive this crisis. I worked extremely long hours in the sweltering desert heat. I had to persevere in this job so I could gather enough savings to return to India and clear my backlog. Fortunately, my boss approved my leave and I was able to go back to Nagpur.

I appeared for the exam without any preparation as I had no time to study amidst my job responsibilities. I returned back to Dubai after completing the exam and resumed my job. While I was anxiously awaiting the results, I finally got the news on New Year’s Eve. I had failed in two out of the five papers I had submitted. I was devastated. I took a “Sankalpa” (determination) that come what may I will clear all of my backlog papers and also the final semester exam. I began practicing my Kriya daily with full faith. I studied for all the papers while continuing in my job.

I again saved up enough to return to India for my exam. However, just four days before the journey, I got news that the examination system had changed and my college was going to run the courses in a different pattern. We were given just one month to prepare. I did not lose hope & although my college offered coaching classes for the new system, I decided to stay back in Dubai and study on my own. I practiced Sudarshan Kriya daily with full focus and diligently studied for the exams. I finally went back to India and gave my exams. When the results came out, I had passed in all papers except one which I missed by just a few marks! Our university rules allowed teachers to allot some extra marks if the reasons were justified. I prayed to Gurudev and approached the teacher for some leniency. Amazingly, she obliged without any arguments and I finally cleared my exam!

Thus, I got my Engineering Degree in the midst of moving to a different country, a full time job, change in course material, studying on my own and financial crisis to top it! I know that I sailed through all of this only because of my faith in Gurudev and the daily practice of Sudarshan Kriya.  Although things may not be going as smoothly as we want, if one becomes regular in Sadhana and gives their 100%, then Divinity walks with us. All we need, is to have faith!

Jai Gurudev!


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