Faith Moves My World


I never had the guts to speak to Guruji. I used to make plans about things I would ask him, things I would tell him when I would meet him. But when I would be near Him – ‘woosh!’ my mind would go blank. All the planning would go in vain and I would just flash a smile and say Jai Gurudev! This happened very often, so much so that I was jealous of all those who seemed to tell him hour-long stories!

Once, he was at the starting of the line and my mind was doing the usual planning. It seemed to be a repeat telecast of what my darshans used to be. But what happened different here was, just as He went past me, I half shouted to him “Guruji will you always be with us?” He slowly turned back and said “Of course, I will always be with you!”

Few weeks had passed since this incident. I was back in my normal life, which seemed eventless. I had my classes, which were sort of hectic. One fine evening I was walking home with a friend after few hours of class-room session. All of a sudden, she started shouting and I realized there was a car wheel on my right leg. I was exceptionally calm for a person whose leg was struck under a car! My mind went blank, the same way it goes in Gurudev’s presence. There was a cool breeze in that area all of a sudden.

I was telling the lady who was driving rather coolly “Excuse me Aunty; your car is on my leg!” My friend went hysterical, she was shouting at the lady and there was a crowd all around us. Before the driver realized what was happening my leg was nicely struck under the tyre. She had already taken the car twice over the leg and for releasing it by default she had to take the car wheel over my leg once again.

She got down and asked me if I need to be taken to any hospital. I smiled and told her all that was not necessary as nothing had happened. The only consequence was my leg was as red as a beetroot. My friend asserted that she would accompany me home, which I denied. I was feeling calm and adventurous after this, so I walked a 20 minute stretch home, for which otherwise I would take a Rickshaw.

I came back home and told my mom what had happened. She was astounded, and insisted that I apply some medicine. I told her I felt no pain and it was not needed. She forced me to go to a doctor. Next day she took me for an X-Ray. My leg was perfectly fine in the report. The surprised in-charge of that place asked me what the secret of my strength was. I smiled for I knew the explanation was not a logical one. A fine tuned Art of Living person was needed to agree with what I had to tell as the answer ‘It is FAITH that moves my World’!

Barathi Krishnamurthy

Ghatkopar, Mumbai


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