A Serendipitous Meeting with Gurudev

In November 2003, I was busy preparing for the GRE and planning to apply for universities in the USA. When I learned about Gurudev’s visit to Calcutta, I hesitated to attend the event as I didn’t want to lose valuable study time. Nevertheless, I decided to go and reached the school where the event was being held. As I waited outside, I saw Gurudev walking gracefully in his white robes, surrounded by volunteers.

Despite the presence of volunteers forming a wall to prevent devotees from rushing towards him, one person prayed for Gurudev to look at her, and he turned towards her with a smile. After only five minutes, Gurudev left, and I assumed that was the end of my brief encounter with him.

However, as I saw other devotees rushing outside the school towards an open ground, I decided to join them. I was surprised to see a huge crowd gathered in the open ground with Gurudev standing on a stage. It was a serendipitous meeting, and I felt grateful for the unexpected opportunity to see Gurudev again and experience his presence.


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