A Profound Experience with Gurudev

When I first saw Gurudev in 1994, I had already been practicing Sudarshan Kriya for a few years. I was then following the guidance of another guru. While I greatly benefited from the techniques taught by my previous guru, he was very distant and did not form personal relationships.

I saw that many of my previous guru’s former teachers were with Gurudev, and I knew there had to be something very special about him. However, I was shocked when I experienced nothing in his presence during my first encounter. But I continued to do my yoga and Sudarshan Kriya every day.

Two years later, Gurudev came back and I went into a room where he was sitting on a yellow silk shawl. It’s difficult to describe, but as soon as I saw him, I was overwhelmed and saw him as “Infinity,” radiating sweet bliss and profound knowledge.

In awe, I laughed and wondered how the universe could be contained in one man. As if hearing my thoughts, Gurudev laughed and looked right at me. At that moment, Infinity expanded even more. Some people may not understand, but I know that Gurudev is Brahman, the totality of consciousness. This is not just a thought, but a direct experience. I am grateful for the grace he has brought to my life.


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