A Memorable Experience at the Bangalore Ashram

I recently completed my first Advanced Course at the Bangalore Ashram, and it was also my first time visiting the ashram. For years, I had heard about various experiences from a mentor, and I always hoped that I would witness them myself one day.

Fortunately, Gurudev designed the course in such a way that it gave us plenty of time for nature walks, which is something most participants cannot experience in the concrete jungles they come from.

I was completely mesmerized by the beauty of the ashram. The fact that it is so well managed without a manager in sight is something that no one back home will believe me when I tell them about how neat, clean, and well-organized everything is. I often wondered who was managing all of this, how come there were hardly any flies, how come it was so big, green, and clean? Of course, there is an admin team working behind the scenes, but it appears everything is happening on auto mode.

During one of our breaks, I went to the waterfall behind the Panchakarma center and wanted to sit on the bench below the tree. To my surprise, even this bench did not have a hint of dust on it. I wondered who cleaned it.

The Advanced Program designed by Gurudev himself was no less than an experience of a lifetime. I am at a loss for words to explain it, but I would use the word addictive, and I feel that I have to come back here at least once every year.

I am filled with gratitude to Gurudev for all the special guided meditations. I have yet to determine what I will make of this deep cleansing experience, but I know that since this experience was not planned by me, there is no point in feeling anxious about another thought of “what next.” As Gurudev suggested, I will surrender.

Jai Gurudev! Rajat Khanna


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